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Induction Program for Educational Leaders

For this assignment, you will build an induction program to orient
new school leaders. Think about how new leaders will learn about the
nuances of the school environment and what it means to be a member of
that unique community. How will they learn the fundamental core values
of their school? Who are the key stakeholders in this community and how
should they be involved in this process? Who should new leaders talk to
and how should those conversations be facilitated? What tools,
approaches, and strategies should these new leaders deploy to ensure
short- and long-term success. How does a new leader build critical
relationships, foster mentorship, or create think partners? How does a
new leader use trauma-informed responsive techniques when working and
coaching faculty?
Be creative and innovative with your induction program. Be
intentional in the structure of the program. One day or five days? Focus
groups? Parent presentation? Shadowing experiences? Will the new
leaders travel around the community to meet business owners? Will a
local business pay for lunch? Student representatives?

The onboarding process is important for each staff, faculty, and
specialist position within a school system. Orienting a new member of
the school community is essential not only for the new hire but for
their expected contribution to the school’s collective mission, vision,
and success

While onboarding is important for all school personnel, of paramount
concern, is the induction of an educational leader. The leader is
critical to the culture, climate, and operational structure of the
school. Today’s school leaders are not only experts in the execution of
an educational system but also are experts in maximizing human
capital—supporting, nurturing, encouraging, empowering, and healing
all of the adults and children entrusted to their care. Today’s leaders
understand the value of working within a trauma-informed approach to
ensure their school’s success.

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