I have a research paper to do by end of semester, but for now I only need intro.


– One or two sentences that identify the topic in a way that’s appropriate are intended audience

– Quoted an individual respected by your audience

– Ask a question

– State a problem

– State a significant number or statics

– Tell a brief stiry or anecdote (not more than a paragraph) (how that individual person was affected by it)

– 3-4 paragraphs (1 and half pages)

– Give the reader background on the topic

– Historical background

– Socisl background

– Technical background

*inculde references*


My topic Question:

How might engineers engage in the issue of making social media more positive in society?

I have a document about my topic that might help

I have an intro but I want you to make it better

This was what the teacher commented on mine:

1. This is a good opening move – why might this work especially well for this topic and intended audience?

2. There are a lot of good specific details here, which is excellent – why would that be especially important to the audience?

3. Looking at the organization, I see a little bit of repetition – for instance, the list of problems with social media shows up in a couple of different places. How might this be reorganized so that each paragraph had its own individual “point” without any paragraph repeating?

4. The introduction seems to me to be starting to answer the question; keeping in mind that the purpose of the report’s introduction is just to “set up” the question, to show where it comes from and why it should matter to the intended audience, what recommendations would you make to replace this section?

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