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https://youtu.be/9khzk7f0sOc (Links to an external site.)

We will use the link above in a YouTube video that is Full Body – Techniques and Modifications. In this video, it lists the name of each exercise and how to complete the exercise. Simply scroll to the appropriate title to review the exercise before you complete this assignment. I know you have been practicing these exercises in our lab portion of this class. Now you get a chance to show me your “skills.”

I want you to take a video of yourself completing two exercises:

  • Switch Kicks
  • Air Plank 1 Leg Burpie

If you do not know the names of the exercises, please do not guess. Simply go to the techniques and modifications video to find the name of each exercise. Remember if you do not have weights you can use water bottles, cans or strength bands. Please turn this video into me in your skill assignment video #5. Please upload the video to your assignment when you hand it in to me. These videos can just be 6-10 seconds in length for each exercise that show you completing the exercise 1-2 times. Total video should be between 15-20 seconds in length.

I also want you to give me feedback on what you thought about these exercises. I would like you to cut and paste the questions below. You then will simply answer each question and hand it in with your short video.

How hard were these TWO exercises for you to complete?

Have you completed similar exercises like these before? If so, what are the differences and similarities?

Which exercises (of the two listed) were easy and which were hard for you?

How much practice (time) did you need to complete the exercise at a level that you were satisfied?


In order to receive full credit for this skill assignment video you must do the following:

  • Video tape yourself performing the correct exercises
  • Answer the questions by cutting and pasting the questions and answering each one

If you need help submitting this assignment on canvas, please view the video below:

https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Video-Guide/Ass… (Links to an external site.)

If you need help uploading the video for this assignment on canvas, please view the video below:


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