Digital poster on Dred Scott

For this assignment you will pick one person we have learned about this term and do some extra research. This can include authors who wrote our primary/secondary sources, or someone we met through readings/lectures.

Your poster must include:

1. Images of your subject and/or images that aren’t of them (if portraits unavailable) but show family life, where they were from, social movements they participated in etc. Photos and all written information needs to situate this person within her historical context. YOU MUST CITE AND CAPTION IMAGES!

2. Poster must historically situate your person. This includes bringing at least 2 assigned primary and/or secondary source reading(s) from the term. You should also do additional internet research, but research must come from scholarly sources. Please go to the Saddleback Library webpageLinks to an external site. to access library resources as you pull information together.

3. Poster must tell us basic background information about this person. Examples include who they were and where they were from? When were they born/when did they die? Job, family, social movement activism etc.

4. What is this person’s historical significance and why we need to remember them?

5. Poster must reflect on the field of African American history using your subject as an entry point to discuss this discipline.

6. Parenthetical citations within the text and a Works Cited Chicago-style designated section listing all source material used.

Keep in mind…

  • You should consult lecture, relevant assigned primary/secondary source materials from the course, and complete any necessary academic (peer reviewed) research before composing the text and placing the images for your poster.
  • If you are unsure of how to create your display consider looking into these easy to use (and free) timeline/mapping tools: StoryMapsJS (Links to an external site.) and TimelineJS (Links to an external site.) (fun note, you can embed the Timeline JS into the StoryMaps!). Other ideas include using Prezi, or a blog of some kind.
  • I do not have a required word count for this assignment; use as many words as you need to narrate and make your arguments.
    • The questions of historical significance, why we should remember your person, and what they tell us about the field of African American history are all argumentative/analytical questions that require you to find your own authorial voice and make some big claims; these are not answers that can/should be copy/pasted from elsewhere.
  • Poster must have parenthetical citations in the regular text and a designated Works Cited section with Chicago-style citations
  • File upload must be in a Word or PDF form for Canvas
  • (I have uploaded all files, you may pick one historical figure and the lecture material to support the poster)

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