Choosing the Right Leader

Choosing the Right Leader

In creating a positive organizational culture, good leaders need to
understand how individual personalities fit into the workplace. When the
right person is paired to the right job, productivity goes up! Read the
scenario and the document provided and then address the checklist

The following Course Outcome is assessed in this Assignment:

MT302-2: Apply personality theory within a business environment.

Scenario (fictional): The Pilston family has been in the cookware or camping business (your choice) for over 60 years. They have always had a family member as president of the (your company name of choice).
As the current president steps down, the founders’ remaining family
members are not inclined or are unable to take over the business and
have called you in as their consultant to perform the executive search.
They know this will be a challenge based on several changes that may
need to take place in the very near future in order to successfully
continue their business.

The industry is beginning to change. The competition is beginning to change over to using Blockchain ledger technology that
shares data within a network in sequential order with a timestamp —
like a database, but encrypted. They also have been increasingly
automating their production line. Now with the increasing competition,
they realize that without changing to these technologies, the business
may not survive. This will mean laying off some personnel, and this will
be the first time in its history that this company has had to contend
with major layoffs; in the past layoffs were not necessary since growth
outpaced the need to lay off workers. With no family member currently to
lead the company, the company must do an intensive search for an
individual suited not only to their industry with the right expertise
and education, but the right personality to lead the company into a new

This company has a culture that has remained the same from its
inception with a reputation for reliability within the industry. Most
employees pass their jobs on to someone else residing in the local
community by referring them for the job; so all employees really feel
like one extended family. They expect little change now. Although their
market has been predominantly in the United States (U.S.), with little
or no diversity in the workforce, they are increasingly getting
inquiries from Asian countries since competitors’ prices have increased
substantially. Currently there are 300 employees in this small Western
U.S. city though the salaries and benefits have always been on par with
the industry salaries elsewhere in the country. Their belief in the
customer first, taking the time to get things done in a precise manner,
and honesty have been hallmarks of this family business.

In light of the possible future demands and needs of this company,
and as this company’s hired consultant to do the executive search,
address the checklist items.


  • Identify the industry and name of the company (your choice) based on your choice of either a cookware or camping equipment company, and identify the products the company provides.
  • Summarize the problem, and the company’s culture as presented in the
    scenario. Describe any changes that might be necessary and that will
    pertain to the type of personality the new president will need to have.
  • Explain the traits and personality factors that should be considered
    when selecting the next president using the Reading from Chapter 5.
    Include the Big Five personality traits, Holland’s typology, and at
    least one other personality theory in your response (you may use the
    Internet but provide the source URL).
  • Explain how the personality you described previously of the new
    president would benefit the employees and the success of the company
    going forward.

● Submit your 8–10 slide PowerPoint® presentation with no more
than five bulleted items per slide, in 24-point font, with either audio (or speaker notes below each slide) with additional title and reference slides to the Dropbox. The title of your presentation will be: Finding a New Leader for (your choice) Company.

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