Childcare class question

Research a key theorist on your own. This week’s assigned readings and the School of Education Guide are great places to begin your search. After you gather information, briefly explain major contributions of your chosen theorist and his/her perspective of play theory. Then, include at least 2 specific examples of how we see this theorist’s work in action in ECE environments today.

You may choose to create a PowerPoint presentation with 6 slides or a Word document 2 pages, share pictures with caption


This week you will begin to collect your pins on Pinterest. You will submit your play theory and theorist pins this week as a checkpoint; however, you are encouraged to continue to revise and add to your boards until the final project submission later in this course.

The organization and naming of your boards is up to you. However, each of the five areas highlighted on the timeline must be addressed on a separate board. As you search throughout the web and Pinterest, you will probably find other pins of interest; feel free to create a fifth board of miscellaneous pins.

First, sign up for a Pinterest account on if you don’t already have one.

Then, find at least 5 pins on child development theories and theorists, with at least 3 pins supporting play theory. These can be articles, websites, images, etc. Remember to test each link to make sure it works. If you have questions, please ask!

Paste the link to your Pinterest board into a Word document and submit the document according to the directions below.

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