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Argument: Is artificial intelligence making human lazier?”

The topic of the argument: Is artificial intelligence making human lazier?

the thesis should be used is “Nowadays, people have become more dependent on smartphones that makes them intellectually lazier and harm them physically. ” You can edit on it as needed and Check the grammar

My audience is smartphone users

try to included sourced statistics or so

See the prompt below:


Length:900 – 1100 words

Audience and situation:At the top of your essay, describe the purpose, target audience and the situation for your essay.

Ex 1Purpose:to persuade audience that physical punishment should not be used because it is harmful to children physically and mentally.

Audience and situation:Parents of young children reading the newspaper.

Ex 2Purpose:to persuade the audience that joining the military is a good option for high school graduates.

Audience and situation:Parents of high school seniors receiving a handbook of options for their children after graduation.

When considering your audience, ask yourself if they disagree, are neutral or agree with you.If they

  • are against your position à call for understanding of your point of view.
  • are not committed to a position à call for agreement.
  • agree with you in principle à call for action.

Description of assignment:

Choose a topic and read as much as you can about both sides of the issue.Then, formulate a thesis that is debatable, interesting, novel, specific, credible, relevant, and academic. This thesis may change as you research more about your topic.

You will need to support your claims using research from at least 4 different credible sources sources, and use MLA style format to cite and reference those sources.

Your organization will depend on your thesis and purpose

You will need an introduction and conclusion.Your body paragraphs must follow TRIAC pattern of organization.As you are formulating an argument of your own, you should include elements of persuasion .Specifically, incorporate ways to raise credibility, appeals to emotion/motivation, and logical appeals (inductive, deductive, analogy, causal).


TRIAC Pattern guideline…

I attached guideline in how to write an introduction and a conclusion,

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