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9-1 Final Project Submission: Healthcare Quality Improvement Plan

Your future career as a healthcare manager will involve many aspects of continuous quality improvement (CQI). These may require different tools, pertain to various disciplines, concern diverse aspects of care and operations, and resolve dissimilar challenges. Despite the challenge, failure to adequately assess the barriers to improvement frequently results in a less effective improvement outcome. For this reason, the final project begins with a force field analysis of your chosen “Safety Actions to Consider.” As in real situations, you must have the understanding that it may not be possible to immediately resolve all barriers identified in the force field analysis and compromises may need to be made.

For your summative assessment, you will select one of two given topics and create an improvement plan for three of the safety actions of your choosing regarding that topic.

You will create a quality improvement plan that includes a critical thinking analysis of the goals and barriers via a force field analysis and followed by plan, do, study, act (PDSA) methodology to develop, implement, and evaluate an improvement plan.

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

 Determine the importance of diverse and synergistic roles among stakeholders in promoting and managing quality and creating a culture of patient safety that contributes to the transformation of healthcare

 Determine appropriate strategies for implementing technology to aid in the identification and evaluation of quality improvement opportunities and management within healthcare settings

 Evaluate management of continuous quality improvement for its implications in advancing patient care delivery via safe, timely, equitable, efficient, effective, and patient-centered care

K Propose strategies for integrating comprehensive implementation and alignment of healthcare quality improvement into internal operational structures and processes

 Recommend appropriate methods for effectively managing continuous quality improvement within healthcare settings

 Justify the increasing importance of and emphasis on continuous quality improvement as it pertains to patient safety, reimbursement, and delivery of

healthcare services in the United States


Utilizing the provided options for topics and continuous quality improvement tools from class, create a quality improvement plan to meet specific recommendations from The Joint Commission regarding patient care. Your healthcare quality improvement plan should address the assessment of goals and barriers in quality improvement, as well as the development, implementation, and evaluation of your plan.

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