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There is only one question on this final exercise. It has 2 parts, 1a & 1b. You are expected to work independently on this exercise. Your work on this exercise should be the result of your own individual reflection, engagement, and writing.

1. Explore three of the major themes in part 1a in brief and choose one of them to write about more fully according to the instructions in part 1b:

a. For three of the keywords below, list three sources each that would allow you to explore the way the idea appears in course materials. (Minimum of 9 sources. If you use a source more than once, try to add additional sources. Otherwise, you may add up to one more keyword for four keywords.) Make some notes of up to one paragraph about what you observe or might argue about those materials to illuminate each term. (Fragments and sentences are ok.) Can you explain in one sentence at least one way in which performance or transnationalism as we have discussed them in this course might be relevant to each theme and the materials you identify? Your paragraph should be a rough outline or plan in addition to your list for each term.

i. “Folk”

ii. “Embodiment”

iii. “Power”

iv. “Belonging”

v. “Gender”

vi. “Sex and Sexuality”

vii. “Africa”

viii. “transnationalism”

ix. “the city”

b. Use only ONE keyword to structure a short essay that explains how the keyword operates in the examples of Black cultural production you chose and a few others. Use quotations from essays, plays, scholarship, poems, or visual examples and scenarios to make your observations (or argument clear). You must include the following: -at least one example from Nella Larsen’s Quicksand –

at least one example from Claude McKay’s Banjo

-at least one example from materials read prior to the midterm

-an example, scenarios, character, visual sequence, etc. from one film

-a fifth example from any other course resource

Is there a way modernism is relevant to the keyword you chose? How? What else might you say about your keyword and the materials you have chosen to explore it. Be sure to identify your authors, films, and quotations. If your theme stretches to encompass other key ideas and terms, explain the relationship. Especially if your collection of examples seems episodic or fairly unrelated, please explain what else about the Harlem Renaissance gives them context?

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