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Starbucks Leader Kevin Johnson-Leadership Practices and Leadership Theory

Must be APA Format

1. Describe three leadership practices of the current primary leader of the existing organization. (Kevin Johnson: CEO of Starbucks)

  • Provide an informed, specific description of the leadership practices of the leader you report to.
    Make sure to number/list the three leadership practices so that it is clear what the leader’s practices (behaviors/actions/characteristics) are within the organization. Write a separate paragraph on each practice.
    NOTE: A Leadership Practice (or function) is different than a Leadership Theory. This section, A2, only discusses practice, NOT theory. See Course Tips for videos on practices.
    A leadership practice is a combination of leadership responsibilities, the performance of the responsibility and its unique value to the organization. A practice is the routine leadership functions your leader performs in the capacity of their leadership responsibilities. It is any and all functions they are required to perform as per their leadership obligations. You want to avoid generic descriptions such as being a good communicator and instead provide illustrations of actual leadership practices/functions that your leader performs daily, weekly, or routinely.
    For example: one leadership practice of the CEO is to provide “strategic leadership” to the organization. In the performance of this responsibility, the CEO shaped the formation of the organization’s vision and mission, while facilitating strategy formulation and strategy implementation. The value of strategic leadership is determining the organization’s direction by effectively managing the organization’s resources in pursuit of the organization’s vision. (This is a small draft of the leadership practice narrative. You are required to go further in depth illustrating how the individual performs the leadership responsibility and the value it provides to the organization).
    When completing this section please ensure you:

    State the leaders name and tile and describe his actions/practiceIllustrate it with an example(s)Follow with why this leadership practice is essential/valuable to the organization.This sub-section is typically 3 pages; This section should be three paragraphs, one on each practice.

2. Scholarly leadership theories to choose from are: Situational; Servant; Transactional; Transformational; Participative

Conduct a leadership evaluation of the current primary leader described in part A2 by doing the following:

Note: As part of your evaluation, you will need to use one scholarly leadership theory and three scholarly sources.

1. Evaluate three strengths of the current primary leader’s leadership practices using a scholarly leadership theory.

2. Evaluate three weaknesses of the current primary leader’s leadership practices using the same scholarly leadership theory you used in part C1.

3. Recommend three theory-based practices to maximize the future success of the current leader and the organization, using the same scholarly leadership theory you used in part C1.

Note: All theories must be supported.

4. Include at least three scholarly sources to support your analysis of the primary leader’s practices.

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