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Research Paper and exam need help

Research Paper

  • ItemComplete your assignment using word-processing software such as MS Word 365 (download free software at, LibreOffice (download free software at, or other per course requirements. Save your file as an .rtf file or .doc to ensure that it can be opened at any computer. Submit your assignment by selecting the title link, browsing to, and attaching your saved file. Make sure to select SUBMIT. You may view your posting both on this page and under My Grade (available under Tools).
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    Learning Objectives

    When you successfully complete this lesson, you will be able to:

    1. Devise a research topic, using a variety of sources.
    2. Develop the correct MLA format for noting reference materials.
    3. Employ direct quotes, paraphrases, and summaries from sources for notes.
    4. Develop an annotated bibliography.
    5. Compose a research paper with a well-formulated thesis and proper documentation.
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    This lesson runs concurrently with other lessons. Be sure to check due dates on Syllabus Page 2.You are to write a paper (seven to ten pages) on a literary topic related to Fahrenheit 451 in some way. Begin reading Fahrenheit 451 on the first day of class and complete reading by midterm. Do not wait till the final days of class to write your research paper. Be sure to check due dates on the syllabus.Think about questions like this:

    • Does the novel contain a great deal of symbolism? Perhaps you could write a paper that deals with the author’s use of symbolism in the novel.
    • How does realism play into the meaning of the novel?
    • How does a change in setting affect the development of the plot?

    You may choose to address standard fiction elements such as theme, characterization, symbolism, allegory, irony, realism, or settings. History papers and biographical papers are not acceptable for this assignment. Begin planning your literary research paper now. This is an ongoing project that you will work on while you do other lessons in this course.

  • Content Folder

    Research Paper Guidelines and Instructions

    This folder provides specific instructions for your research paper, as well as links for research sources.

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    Where Do I Submit My Research Paper?

    Please submit your research paper in the assignment area in the “Finals Week” folder, under “Lessons.”

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