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Question 25 out of 5 pointsOnline backups make an organization dependent on the online provider’s security.Selected Answer:TrueAnswers:TrueFalse

  • Question 10 out of 5 pointsIncorrectBill’s work-issued Windows laptop has been configured so he can remotely connect to his office from home without having to initiate a virtual private network (VPN) connection. What technology is he using?Selected Answer:Incorrect RD RemoteAppAnswers:Correct DirectAccessIETFRD RemoteAppRD Web Access
  • Question 25 out of 5 pointsCorrectOnline backups make an organization dependent on the online provider’s security.Selected Answer:CorrectTrueAnswers:CorrectTrueFalse
  • Question 35 out of 5 pointsCorrectA virtual private network (VPN) implementation best practice is to protect the VPN server behind a firewall.Selected Answer:Correct TrueAnswers:Correct TrueFalse
    Network Security, Firewalls, and VPNs, 3e
    Year revised: 2020
  • Question 45 out of 5 pointsCorrectA firewall allows you to restrict unauthorized access between the Internet and an internal network.Selected Answer:CorrectTrueAnswers:CorrectTrueFalse
  • Question 55 out of 5 pointsCorrectWhich of the following is a common firewall philosophy?Selected Answer:Correct Deny by defaultAnswers:Allow by defaultDeny by exceptionCorrect Deny by defaultFail by exception
  • Question 65 out of 5 pointsCorrectThe goal of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is to preserve consumer privacy in the state of California.Selected Answer:CorrectFalseAnswers:TrueCorrectFalse
  • Question 75 out of 5 pointsCorrectWhich of the following establishes what a user can and cannot do relative to virtual private networking?Selected Answer:Correct AuthorizationAnswers:AuthenticationCorrect AuthorizationAccessibilityAccounting
  • Question 80 out of 5 pointsIncorrectCarl is a network technician who has been assigned to select a dedicated hardware device to act as the company’s termination point for the secured virtual private network (VPN) tunnel. He chooses a device that allows the firewall to filter traffic exiting the VPN to move into the local area network (LAN). It is one that is best suited for controlled access into the demilitarized zone (DMZ). What is the solution that he recommends?Selected Answer:Incorrect Corporate firewallAnswers:Corporate firewallCorrect Edge routerSoftware VPNVPN appliance
  • Question 95 out of 5 pointsCorrectWhich of the following is a European Union (EU) regulation that protects citizens’ privacy and information?Selected Answer:Correct General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP)Answers:Correct General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP)Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)HITECH Act
  • Question 105 out of 5 pointsCorrectSantiago is a new network engineer for a mid-sized company. It is his responsibility to ensure that all employees working from home are able to connect to the office network in an efficient and secure manner. He must provide a service that allows communications between out-of-office staff and network resources to be encrypted at the protocol level and to be performed by either client or server software. The solution must also ensure that even if protocol encryption fails, the data is safe by its own encryption. What solution does he select?Selected Answer:Correct Virtual private network (VPN)Answers:Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA)Implementation of a demilitarized zone (DMZ)Identity and access management (IAM)Correct Virtual private network (VPN)
  • Question 110 out of 5 pointsIncorrectWhich of the following is described as an approach to network security in which each administrator is given sufficient privileges only within a limited scope of responsibility?Selected Answer:Incorrect SimplicityAnswers:Defense in depthFail-safeCorrect Separation of dutiesSimplicity
  • Question 125 out of 5 pointsCorrectA virtual private network (VPN) policy documents an organization’s rules for using the VPN.Selected Answer:CorrectTrueAnswers:CorrectTrueFalse
  • Question 135 out of 5 pointsCorrectThe User Domain of an IT infrastructure refers to actual users, whether they are employees, consultants, contractors, or other third-party users.Selected Answer:CorrectTrueAnswers:CorrectTrueFalse
  • Question 140 out of 5 pointsIncorrectArturo is installing a hardware server in the network room of a branch office. He wants to label it in a way that will be easy to differentiate it from other server machines but not clearly identify it should an unauthorized person gain physical access. How should he label it?Selected Answer:Incorrect Using the label “web server”Answers:Correct Using a codeUsing the server’s IP addressUsing the server’s MAC addressUsing the label “web server”
  • Question 150 out of 5 pointsIncorrectVivienne has been commissioned to design a workgroup network infrastructure for a small office comprised of five workstations, three laptops, and a printer. Given that some of the nodes are stationary and others are mobile, what is the best solution for interconnectivity?Selected Answer:Incorrect RouterAnswers:Cable modemSmart hubRouterCorrect Wireless access point (WAP) and wired switch
  • Question 165 out of 5 pointsCorrectWhen considering network expenditures, sunk costs should not influence future choices.Selected Answer:CorrectTrueAnswers:CorrectTrueFalse
  • Question 170 out of 5 pointsIncorrectAlthough encryption standards and methods have become increasingly more sophisticated over time, what other evolving technology is making it easier to defeat encryption?Selected Answer:Incorrect Scaling algorithmsAnswers:Longer keysScaling algorithmsFirewall bottlenecksCorrect Faster computers with more memory
  • Question 185 out of 5 pointsCorrectIn deploying security for a network, which method is no longer seen as truly secure or sufficient for protecting logins?Selected Answer:Correct Single-factor authenticationAnswers:Filtered network connectivityHard drive encryptionMultifactor authenticationCorrect Single-factor authentication

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