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Provide an additional fictional counter

Provide an additional fictional counter meaning or viewpoint to a peer’s post, continuing the depth of discussion.

Give an opinion in two paintings. Only four lines per plate

Khajuraho, Relief Carving from the Kanadarya Mahadeva Temple, India


2. An alternative meaning for this piece could truly be anything in relation to sexual encounters. At first glance, it’s difficult to understand that the focal point here is the couple in the center because it seems as if there are multiple bodies intertwined into the sculpture, making a misinterpretation of sex with multiple individuals, and then it looks as though there are multiple legs, and then there is a child, and someone who is watching.

3. The correct context for this sculpture encompasses a cultural aspect of Hindu that celebrates sexual love, with the intertwined bodies, and the focal point of the couple, it represents a union between the couple with the unbounded, believed to lead to redemption.

4. Context matter is incredibly important in interpreting an artwork’s meaning because it gives the background of the culture and the social norms of that culture and religious views that may conclude the true meaning behind a piece.

Pregnant woman.png

Artist: Alice Neel

Title: Pregnant Woman

Size: 40×60

Location: Western, Chapter 6 Figure 6.28

Alternative Meaning: This Western artwork was created in 1971. I believe the year and location of the artwork is important because it gives us a lot of background. When we hear the year of a piece of art, our minds immediately take us to that place and time. We have a general idea of how life was during the time period. Since this piece was created in 1971 in the Western area I thought back to western medicine at that time. Considering how long the human race has been around, we’ve become pretty advanced in medicine. To me ‘Pregnant Woman’ seems to be bored, I don’t think she’s too worried about the birth since medicine has advanced. She looks like she’s far along in her pregnancy by the roundness of her belly and breasts. She has no clothes on making a statement that she’s hot and possibly undressed in the comforts of her home to mitigate the heat. Her arm is resting over her head as if to air out and relax but her legs are closed as to not be too exposed. Her facial expression could be one of thoughtlessness. Maybe she’s thinking of the upcoming birth or her child. The male in the background, whom I assume is the child’s father, looks somewhat upset. His jaw is tight as he overlooks the woman possibly thinking about her simply laying on the couch again. His expressions are firm and discontent. He looks like he’s about to let out a loud sigh.

Correct Context: ‘Pregnant Woman’ shows the physical effects of pregnancy. Her belly is large as well as her breasts. Her nipples are engorged suggesting this is not her first child and she’s preparing for birth. Her belly is pink like the skin has been stretched and thinned. Her facial expression is meant to be passive or even fearful. The curl of her eyebrow shows worry. The man behind the couch is suggestive. He could be looking over her in a protective way or possessive and unhappy with her nudity.

Context Matters: I think context makes the art. Without context our minds will travel wherever we let it. I believe we let the emotions of what’s going on in our daily lives drive our thought when looking at art. If we’re in a bad relationship and look at ‘Pregnant Woman’ we’re more likely to view this as a negative piece of art. We’re able to allow ourselves see the negativity in the male’s face or the boredom in the woman’s expression. Context gives us a look into the artists thought process and a more in depth connection with the artwork.

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