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Prentation word +ppt

Need 300 words for presentation, and one ppt.

This is a presentation word essay, need to write detailed information of the following steps:

resentation content: Final Project type,
sources, thesis statement/artistic goal, & challengesYou are required to
provide the information listed belowin your presentation. First, tell us what
type of projectyouselected (traditional essay, creative writing, audiovisual,
etc). If yours is a traditional essay, tell us which sources you are using(you
must use at least 1 literary text and one non-literary source: for example,
Khan-Cullors and Michelle Alexander). If yours is a creative project, tell us
which source(s) inspired your project, either directly or indirectly(some
examples: Coates’ memoir inspired you to write a letter to a family member; the
ambiguous ending of No-No Boyinspired you to write a new final chapter to the
novel; reading about “the dream” from multiple perspectives inspiredyou to do a
series of interviews to discover what “the dream” means to the people in your
life; reading Trevor Noah’s memoir inspired you to create a stand-up set that
explores “the dream” through humor and performance).If yours is a traditional
essay, tell us your provisional thesis statement. In other words, how are you
interpreting the themes and literary devices in your chosen sources? Be as
concrete as possible, linking your in-progress thesis to specific passages in
at least 1 literary and 1 non-literary text. If yours is a creative project,
tell us your artistic goalsfor this project. What themes are you exploring,
howwill you explore those themes through your chosen medium (photography,
fiction, video, blog), and how are your artistic materials uniquely suited to
help you understand identity, belonging, and “the dream?”Share some of the
challengesthat you’ve faced, or that you anticipate facing, as you draft your
project. You can be honest about this, as well as your strategies for
addressing these challenges. We’ll alsodo our best to provide you some advice
on how to address those challenges.

Here is my class reading. Need to use these reading to design a final project, and in this presentation, need to give some information about my final project. The final project topic is “Dream” 1. Ta-Nehisi Coates, Between The World and Me . The other readings you can choose are:
Patisse Khan Cullors and asha bandele, When They Call You a Terrorist,
Claudia Rankine Citizen: An American Lyric,
Trevor Noah Born A Crime,
John Okada No-No Boy,
or Lynne Kutsukake’s The Translation of Love.

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