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How visual arts can enhance students learning process?

This paper is a documentation paper about “How visual arts can enhance students learning process?”

I came up with this question based on a project I did with the students in the classroom.

I did Project Based Learning with 5th grader (8 students) during the semester. We came up with an idea on how to create a food truck that displays foods from different countries. Students created sketches of inside and outside of the truck. We were going to build a food truck using blocks and our sketch, but we didn’t have enough time to do so. So we drew the sides of the truck; insides station, front, and back. We put them on the poster board.

I will also put pictures of the sketches that students did. You will be using these pictures as evidence to prove that visual arts can help students learn, focus, and help with critical thinking.

*We have to write this paper using information from the project. The main questions for the project. I already got Notes, Pictures, Sources for you to use. You will write 4 pages single space paper based on the project I did with the students. I will provide you whatever information you need while writing the paper. I will also provide sample paper for you

When you write the paper, please use APA format. The paper has; Introduction, Methods, and conclusion. I attached sample paper, 1 article. You will have to find two more ACADEMIC sources for this paper. Please use sample paper as a guide.

I also attache document file with pictures of sketch students did to show that drawing or visual art enhance learning process.…

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