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ENG COMP Annotated Bibliography

You will be turning in an Annotated Bibliography in preparation for Essay 3. Once your read the assignment for Essay 3, you will have a better idea of the sorts of topics you will need to consider for your essay. The Rogerian essay format is not your typical argument, so it is critical that you pick a topic about which you can see two sides; don’t chose a topic about which you already have a strong bias toward one side.

The five sources that you use for your Annotated Bibliography will be the sources that you will most likely be using for your research essay. Before you turn in your Annotated Bibliography you should have already received permission from me regarding your topic choice.

Instructions for your Annotated Bibliography:

List all 5 of your sources for your research essay in alphabetical order with the following information:

1. each source is listed in MLA citation format, (Be sure to use Purdue OWL or citation tools to help you with proper MLA formatting. Make sure you use hanging indentation formatting for each citation.)

2. followed by an abstract (brief summary) of the source which includes what type of source you are listing, such as ebook, encyclopedic article, film, book, academic article, etc, and what sorts of information you can find in this source,

3. and a short reflection about the significance of the article and its relevance for your research project. The reflection basically identifies how you will use the information from this source in your essay.

4. The abstract and reflection start on the next line after the citation, as seen in the example below.

(The abstract and reflection do not need to extend beyond a few sentences for each entry.)

I am including a sample citation for the student annotated bibliography as an example for you. Remember you will need to include 5 sources for this assignment. Here are a few examples to help with formatting (Remember that these examples have longer abstracts and reflections than you need for this assignment):…

Student name

Ms. Teichman

English Composition 101 (Y06)

27 October 2019

Annotated Bibliography for Shamanism

Chi, Zhen, et al. Popular Religion And Shamanism. Leiden: Brill, 2011. eBook Collection

(EBSCOhost). Web. 27 Oct. 2014.

This e-book from Trident Tech’s database focuses on the basic traditions and rituals of shamanism,

but it also specifically zooms in on certain types and branches of shamanism. This book will help me

to compare certain types of shamanism and different types of practices within the religion throughout

the research paper.Rogerian Research Essay

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