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2-3 paragraph is enough


Answer the following questions (please put your response in the textbox without attaching a separate word document) (max length: 6 paragraphs for entire post)

1. Envisioning Change. Consider challenges/opportunities that you, your friends, families, or companies/non-profit organizations across the world have experienced in the last month.

  • What are 2 ways you think teams will be changing in the next 3 months? Provide illustrative examples to make your point clear.
  • What is the most innovative idea you have seen/heard so far? (Provide a weblink (videoclip or article) so we can learn more).

2. Challenges & Thoughts to Consider.

  • Describe a challenge working on teams in this changing virtual world that you have heard about and/or experienced that is on your mind.
  • What are 2 specific questions that you are genuinely interested in hearing from the class about to address this challenge? (list these as bullets to make it easier to read and answer)

Cool****TIP: The TWO most insightful, well-written initial posts, with clear illustrative examples, will be selected by me to shape questions for the next DB and these 2 students will receive 3 EC points each.

**See Bb for grading policy for late work




1. Summarize. Virtual teams require communicating so other person feels heard/seen.

  • Summarize the student’s main ideas in 2-3 sentences.
  • Use their name (e.g., Tom, thank you for …..). 2

2. High-quality insight.

  • Answer questions the students posed.
  • Provide high-quality insight responding to his/her questions that will be valuable to him/her and a great use of his/her time to read it.
  • 0 points if the response is not high-quality or insightful.

NOTE: If student has already received 2 responses, please find another student to respond to if there are already 2 responses there. Please help me in making sure everyone has responses.

Cool****TIP: The TWO most insightful, well-written high-quality response posts, with clear illustrative examples, will receive 3 EC points each.




Question: Dr. Lebron, what is a high-quality response?

Great question! Well, a high-quality response provides new information that is worth anyone’s time to read it. Provides something new for us to learnand comes from the unique way you think and experience the world. It is authentically and respectfully you.

For example, a high-quality response is sharing what you agree with or may disagree with and why. Further, you explore ideas the student presented by thinking through other examples/ reasons for the opposite view as well as the view you hold; thus, looking at both sides of the arguments/suggestions. This technique is how effective leaders in a “virtual” environment have to build trust that leads to high-performance. You show that you have taken the time and respect to listen to and respond to the ideas and risks the student too. You present illustrative examples to make your point clear- remember with innovation, these are “new ideas” other people may not have yet experienced, and can better understand through the technique of providing examples (based on your experience and/or that you have read).

Question… But Dr. Lebron, what about what a response that is “not high quality” response post?

Hmmmm.. Well let me think a high-quality response is not the following.

  • Tobi’s initial post: I like bread.
  • Student’s response post: I like bread too.

Yeah… bread is outside the scope of the class but thank you for sharing your views on bread.:)

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