What is the film Black Panther saying(or trying to say) about the responsibilities we have to the people around us?

English 120, Works Cited, 5-7 Pages Length, Uses a critical voice to answer all parts of the essay prompt and show that you have thought critically about the topic, Discusses complexities and does not make things seem more simple than they are, Considers multiple perspectives by including a counter argument and/or making a concession that is followed with a REBUTTAL, Has one single idea stated in a thesis statement early in the paper that answers the prompt, Has multiple paragraphs with a topic sentences that develop the central idea, Cites relevant support from the text—both direct quotation and paraphrase—to illustrate the main point, Introduces cited information as specified in MLA style and smoothly integrates sources into own writing, explains the connection between the citation and the point by analyzing information, Summarizes and explains the ideas in the text(s) for your readers who are unfamiliar with them, Organizes ideas logically and follows a clear pattern of development, Contains a clear introduction, middle, and conclusion, Utilizes effective transitions between and within paragraphs, Has limited proofreading errors (Errors MUST NOT impede clarity and comprehension of text), Uses a variety of sentence structures, Demonstrates correct MLA format and citations, Has a complete Works Cited page that demonstrates working understanding of MLA citation requirements.

To answer the prompt questions, you must interpret and explain the message of Black Panther—specifically,what is the movie trying to say about what we owe one another as people.

Once you have explained the film’s message, you must respond to it with your own argument. Feel free to agree, disagree, and or a bit of both.Your argument must explain your answer to the question: What do we owe one another?

I am also requiring you to consider a counter argument and/or make a concession that you follow with a REBUTTAL.

Your essay must use a TOTAL of at least THREE sources and FIVE direct quotes

2 Prompt Questions:

1. What is the film Black Panther saying(or trying to say) about the responsibilities we have to the people around us?

2. What is the true nature of our responsibilities to others? In other words, what factors determine our level of responsibilities to others?

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