Revision essay very simple.

My original work is post in the attached file, please check, need to work and make this into an essay, just make my essay more fluid. my professor’s comment is post in pdf, see all these red parts.

For your argumentative essay, respond to a question at issue that you have developed. This question should be inspired by our readings and/or the film you examined. You should include this question in your essay, and it must be a yes/no question. This may be the question from your Essay Question Paper #2, a revised form of that question, or it can be a new question. This question should ask you to think about your chosen film as a reflection of the society and culture that produced the film that you have selected. Thus, your response to the question will make a claim about the larger culture.

For this essay, develop an answer to your question and sustain this argument throughout the essay. Use a reasoned thesis (enthymeme) to focus and shape your writing and organize your ideas. Use examples to illustrate and clarify your argument. Your essay needs to enter a conversation, and it should engage deeply with 1 film and at least 3 supportive texts. At least one of these texts must be from Signs of Life.

In your essay, consider and refute a reasonable counterargument. You may use elements from your Essay Question Paper. If you choose to use elements from your Essay Question Paper for either your response to your question or for the counterargument, those elements should be heavily revised.

To comfortably reach the required page length, you might consider: proving that there is a problem that the film is responding to, providing the context, giving the history of the genre/ type of film you are discussing including notable films and directors, argue the unstated assumption, include more examples from the film/your experience/the culture, explain each example more, dedicate a paragraph to discussing why your topic is important, dedicate a paragraph to important terms and their definitions.

Remember to:

  • Define important terms: the definitions should be of your own creating. No dictionary necessary
  • Meet all due dates and page length requirements
  • Use MLA formatting and include a works cited page
  • Engage deeply with your film
  • Engage 3 supportive texts
  • Include a reasoned thesis/enthymeme

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