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Peer review

Paper to do peer review on is below

Instructions below

Here are some guidelines and tips for reviewing your colleague’s final proposal:
1. I want you to give them feedback as if you were me. Based on your experiences with my feedback on your assignments, what kind of things do you think I would point out?
2. Focus first on higher order issues (organization, clarity, structure, does their argument make sense? In the Lit. Review, are they using clear thesis statements with each section and providing clear supporting evidence? Are they using APA subheaders? Do they use effective transition sentences and phrases? Does the wording of their research questions match their proposed methodology? etc.), before you focus on lower order issues (proofreading, editing, etc.).
When you go to upload your paper and the comments you gave to your colleague, I want you to upload your peer review in the format of a scholarly article review, an example of which I’ve provided via attachment. USE MY EXAMPLE AS A TEMPLATE. That will help me see quickly all the feedback you gave for each section of the proposal. (1) Start with a summary of their stated purpose and be sure to highlight what they did well first. (2) Then, give a broad overview of the areas that need work, (3) before finally giving specific critiques that give detail to the broad overview of what needs work. (4) Include page numbers, and separate comments by section of the paper.
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