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NUR4604L community and public health for registered nurses

The student must compose a formal proposal for approval. The proposal must outline (1) the problem to be corrected or need for innovative service to be delivered, (2) the improvement or innovation and (3) identification of all stakeholders.

The proposal must include references from the professional nursing literature. The proposal must include the contact information for the target organization’s signing authority. The proposal must be approved by both the organization and the UCF Faculty member.

Here is a Template to be used when writing and submitting the proposal.

Problem Statement

Replace this text with a short (1 or 2 paragraphs) statement about the problem you have identified that this project will address. This is only the statement of the problem and must not contain any implementation plans.

Project Description

Replace this text with an outline of what you would like to do for the agency. It should include the following elements:

1. Proposed change

a. How those changes are to be made

i. Monitoring of implementation process

b. Estimated timeline

c. Teaching requirements

i. What will be taught

ii. How it will be taught

d. Post-implementation evaluation

Supporting Evidence (References from the Literature)

Replace this text with a minimum of three scholarly references supporting your proposed change (the evidence upon which to base the practice).

1. Article #1

2. Article #2

3. Article #3

4. Add more as desired.


Replace the required information indicators with the proper information.

1. Enter a brief narrative on the population who will directly benefit from the implementation of your project.

2. Host Agency

a. Representative & Title

b. Contact Information

i. Address

ii. Phone & Fax

iii. Email and/or web site

Original signatures indicate approval of the proposalas listed above. Scan the completed & signed document in the Assignments section of the course for faculty approval.

Host Agency Representative

(Enter Name Here)


(Enter Name Here)

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