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legal correspondence assignment

please assignment 11 and 12

Make sure to label your answer clearly so I know when you are answering each question.


  • Your answer must be presented as an Inter-Office Memorandum. This means it must be:
    • Complete:
      • Full analysis – not just a table or bulletpoints. All IRAC, sub-IRAC, and sub/sub-IRAC etc. must be included
      • Full sentences – not fragment or shorthand notations
    • Accurate:
      • You must:
        • identify the proper elements of law
        • match the relevant facts with the appropriate law
        • include enough detail and explanation to convey your application
    • Persuasive/Informative
      • Your answer must reflect that you understand the key facts and law necessary to support your position.
      • It must be presented logically, concisely, and in a professional and persuasive tone.

      As a reminder, for your Final Correspondence make sure you do each– The main-Issue must be the question for the whole case/client- The sub-issues are each elements of the Rule. You must divide out the elements as we practiced with bulletpoints and the table in class. If it helps, here is a table you could adapt for these statutes. – There should be a complete IRAC each time. This means everytime you give a sub-Rule (based on defining an element), you must follow up with the sub-facts that applies that element of the rule. – The facts that you apply must actually be relevant to that element. – Make sure the logical connection is abundantly clear for the reader. So mirror the language used in the statute in the facts and conclusion. You cannot assume your reader agrees with your interpretation or characterization of words like “serious” or “severe” etc. Instead, show your understanding and application of those terms. – Make sure that all applicable rules and facts are used. To make sure you have all the rules and all the facts, you can use the table we practiced on in class. Again, if it helps, here is a table you could adapt for these statutes. – And most importantly, make sure it is in final and full format. This is expected to look like and be as professional as a real correspondence. It must be a narrative with full sentences and proof-read without errors. This constitutes a considerable amount of your course grade. So make any corrections needed and you can upload updated versions into Canvas up until the deadline. Canvas will ask you to “re-submit” which is okay. Your earlier draft doesn’t get lost. Grades will be due, so I cannot regrade or extend deadlines. So be sure to submit a timely and well-thoughtout paper.

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