instructions below

Nuclear Waste essay.Only use the following materials and use them all:

A) Readings:

1- The burning questions of Brown Ferry

2- nuclear industry spent hundreds of dollars over the last decade to sell public, congress on new reactors, new investigation

3- the real cost of nuclear power by Michael

4- climate of fear by richard

5- Obama goes nuclear by karl grossman

6- no more nuclear loan guarantees by PSR

7- dirty, dangerous and expensive: the truth about nuclear power by PSR

8- Obama’s nuclear power policy: a study in contradiction

9- john Gorman: 88 physicists about radiation risks

10- obama’s nuclear giveaway (motor jones)

11- physician for social responsibility: calls fo a US Moratorium on new nuclear reactors, citing medical risks.


1- radiation experiment 1995

2- turning point: ground zero nuclear test ( Nevada)

3- nuclear waste documentary about Columbia river and pit 9 and Savannah river site

4-“60 Minutes” presented a segment on nuclear energy called “How Safe Is Safe?” The producer was Harry Moses

5- 60 minutes: poisonous stew by Richard Boni

The Essay should answer the following questions:

1- what are the social and economic cost of nuclear development?

2- who underwrites nuclear projects?

3- how was obamas election a benefit for nuclear proponents?

4- why did the obama administration support nuclear expansion? give examples of ties between his administration and nuclear proponents.

5- describe the campaign to revive nuclear development and to produce the public opinion to support it.

6- how was global warming theory used to provide a foundation for the campaign to revive nuclear energy?

7- what’s the unorthodox theory on global warming- what happened to unorthodox scientists?

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