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Complete your assignment using Microsoft Word, submit your completed document on Blackboard, under Assignments. Make use of the textbook and PowerPoint slides, the additional resources on Blackboard and your own research to answer the questions. You must create the charts/graphs, you may use any application to create your diagrams, but you may not submit templates for the diagrams. No credit will be given for submissions deemed to be copied from another source, including copying/sharing classmates’ submissions.

Formula for successful submissions:

1.Clear and accurate answers; insightful, specific.

2.Answers address the questions clearly and fully, showing higher level analysis and synthesis of concepts and uses course vocabulary.

3.All facts are accurate and relate back to the answer. If material/sources other than the text is used, student provided adequate and appropriate citations throughout assignment.

4.Works cited are formatted in the correct APA style.

5.Use of correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation; well organized; one idea follows another in a logical sequence with clear transitions; questions stated before answers; format easy to navigate.

Source: Grading Rubric for Written Assignments – From Blackboard Inc. Website: Karen Lynden is a Business Instructor, at the Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, whose course won an Exemplary Course Program award. This grading rubric for Writing Assignments includes criteria such as Reasoning and Analysis, Focus, Accuracy of Facts and Citations, MLA, and Mechanics/Organization.

Chapter 3 Problems, page 96

7. SoftWear Silhouettes is a rapidly growing mail-order house specializing in all-cotton clothing. Management would like to expand sales to the Web with the creation of an ecommerce site. The company has two full-time system analysts and one programmer. Company offices are located in a small, isolated New England town, and the employees who handle the traditional mail-order business have little computer training.

a.Considering the company’s situation, draw up a list of software attributes that SoftWear Silhouettes should emphasize in its choice of software to create a website and integrate the mail-order business with business from the website.

b.Would you recommend COTS software, custom software, or outsourcing to a SaaS? State your choice and defend it in a paragraph.

c.List the variables that contributed to your response in part b.

Chapter 3 Group Projects, page 100

5. Brainstorm with your group about problems that can possibly occur when constructing a website for a travel company that wants to sell vacations online for the next big travel period (either December or June).

a.Make a list of the problems your group identified.

b.Draw a fishbone diagram with your group that depicts all of the problems the group identified in Part a.

Chapter 3 Problems, pages 96-98

8. Below is 12 years’ demand for Viking Village, a game now available for tablet and smartphones.

Year Demand

2006 20,123

2007 18,999

2008 20,900

2009 31,200

2010 38,000

2011 41,200

2012 49,700

2013 46,400

2014 50,200

2015 52,300

2016 49,200

2017 57,600

a.Graph the demand data for Viking Village.

b.Determine the linear trend for Viking Village using a three-year moving average.

9. Do the data for Viking Village appear to have a cyclical variation? Explain.

10. Interglobal Health Consultants has asked for your help in comparing its present computer system with a new one its board of directors would like to see implemented. Proposed system and present system costs are as follows:

YearProposed System Costs Present System Costs

Year 1

Equipment Lease $20,000$11,500




Year 2

Equipment Lease $20,000$10,500




Year 3

Equipment Lease $20,000$10,500




Year 4

Equipment Lease $20,000 $10,500




a.Using break-even analysis, determine the year in which Interglobal Health Consultants will break even.

b.Graph the costs and show the break-even point.

11. Below are system benefits for Interglobal Health Consultants (from Problem 10):






a.Use the costs of Interglobal Paper’s proposed system from Problem 10 to determine the payback period (use the payback method).

b.Graph the benefits versus the costs and indicate the payback period.

12. Brian F. O’Byrne (“F,” he says, stands for “frozen.”) owns a frozen food company and wants to develop an information system for tracking shipments to warehouses.

a.Using the data from the table in Figure 3.E X 1, draw a Gantt chart to help Brian organize his design project.

b.When is it appropriate to use a Gantt chart? What are the disadvantages? Explain in a paragraph.

13. In addition to a Gantt chart, you’ve drawn Brian a PERT diagram so that you can communicate the necessity to keep an eye on the critical path. Consult Figure 3.E X2, which was derived from the data from Problem 4. List all paths and calculate and identify the critical path.

15. Using the PERT diagram in Figure 3.E X2 to determine answers:

a.What activities can you expedite to complete the project a week ahead of schedule?

b.Suppose Activity E is the least costly activity to expedite. What happens if you try to expedite the project by more than one week? Explain.

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