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Article review assignments are designed to assist students with obtaining a deeper understanding of applied biomechanics, as well as gain experience with critical examination of biomechanical research. There are 3 article review assignments throughout the duration of the course. Articles may be researched using the Liberty University online library as well as other search engines such as Medline, Google Scholar, or PubMed.

Length of assignment: Minimum length is 2 pages. Each of the 6 sections (explained below) must contain no fewer than 100 words.

Format: The assignment must be double spaced using Times New Roman font in size 12 and written in APA format.

Citations: No additional citations other than the article chosen to review is required.

Acceptable sources: Each article must be a primary research study published within the last 10 years in a peer-reviewed research journal. Students are not to select secondary studies such as literature reviews or meta-analyses. The chosen article must pertain to information presented in the related Module: Week. For example, the first article review is due in Module 3: Week 3. In this module, linear and angular kinematics as well as 2D video analysis are discussed in the presentations. Therefore, the student should select a biomechanical research article that investigated and/or pertains to any one of these topics. The article does not need to pertain to all the topics in the module/week, but it must be relevant to at least one.

Each Article Review assignment must contain the following:

I. The article title, author(s), journal title, volume, issue, year, and page numbers, all written in current APA format.

II. Include the following 6 sections (include section headings, do not include instructions).

a. Objectives: Include background information on the topic and the goal or purpose of the article.

b. Methods: Include how many subjects participated (male/female, age, medical history if applicable), what biomechanical tools were used in the study, and what statistics were used by the author(s).

c. Results: Explain key observations and/or findings in the article.

d. Summary: Include a synopsis of the discussion and conclusions of the article and was free of direct quotes.

e. Critique: Include an opinion, explanation, and biblical integration.

III. Question/Application: This section must include 1 question pertaining to how the article relates to another research article performed on the research topic. Secondly, provide two facts you have learned from your article review that would be interesting to share with a coach or a clinician who is an expert in their field.

IV. Attach a PDF of the article (preferred) or include the URL for the full article at the end of your assignment document. If students choose to include the URL rather than a PDF of the article, the link must be to the full article and not an abstract of the article.

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