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Discuss two (2) pros and cons of affirmative action and whether or not you believe it is still needed today. Provide support for your response.

Explain what is meant by wage, gender, and race discrimination in the workplace. Next, propose a plan employers can implement to prevent these forms of discrimination from occurring within the workplace.

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The Advantages

1. It promotes diversity.
Affirmative Action ensures that a diverse environment can be achieved. This adds perspectives and experiences to the environment which wouldn’t be present if the program wasn’t in place. Although some may say that artificially encouraging diversity doesn’t follow societal norms, in most instance, humanity is better when we can learn from our differences instead of being comfortable in sameness.

2. It allows people to chase dreams.

Affirmative Action allows people to pursue a career that they may never have considered without help from the program. There are significant gaps for women in minorities in certain fields still today, such as technology, health care, and aeronautic that could potentially benefit from the diversity that Affirmative Action promotes.

3. It reverses societal loss.

In the United States, it could be argued that minority groups are at a societal disadvantage because of their historical treatment. Through slavery and oppression, minority households over the course of generations have not had the same opportunities to build wealth. A program like Affirmative Action can help those minority households begin to reverse the societal losses they have experienced.

The disadvantages of affirmative action

1. It still reinforces stereotypes.
Any time a program exists that allows someone to obtain a position in a school or a workplace, a foundation of minority-based stereotypes can be built. Even if all people are qualified, Affirmative Action comes from the perspective that women or minorities are “inferior” to white men, which promotes a superior attitude from the majority class. For such a program to succeed, it must come from a viewpoint of pure equality.

2. It lessens the achievements that minority groups obtain.
If someone receives a position because of a program like Affirmative Action, then their achievements are viewed as a result of policy instead of personal skill and talent. This means people in minority groups typically must work harder to achieve the same level of respect that people in majority groups receive as they must counter the policy perspective.

3. Personal bias will always exist.
Despite the Civil Rights Movement, programs like Affirmative Action, and numerous diversity plans, our news cycles are dominated by stories that involve racism, social class, and political polarization. There will always be a personal bias in place. Instead of trying to work around discrimination, we should confront it head-on so that we can evolve our society instead of attempting to revolutionize it.

Explain what is meant by wage, gender, and race discrimination in the workplace. Next, propose a plan employers can implement to prevent these forms of discrimination from occurring within the workplace.

Most employers are well aware that they must and should prevent discrimination in the workplace. Indeed, failing to curb discrimination can be costly and result in increased employee turnover and absenteeism, lower employee morale and productivity, and higher insurance premiums and defense costs, among other things. Therefore, it is important for employers to be proactive and prevent discrimination from occurring in the first

1.) Become familiar with Anti-discrimination Laws 2.) Develop Mandatory Anti-discrimination training programs 3.) Be Prepared to investigate Sexual Harassment Complaints and Discrimination Cases and 4.) Develop an Implement Comprehensive Anti-discrimination Policies


It is a policy to those who suffered from discrimination especially when it comes down to employment or education. Its real intention was to be a positive discrimination. “Affirmative action began as a government remedy to the effects of long-standing discrimination against such groups and has consisted of policies, programs, and procedures that give preferences to minorities and women in job hiring, admission to institutions of higher education, the awarding of government contracts, and other social benefits. The typical criteria for affirmative action are race, disability, gender, ethnic origin, and age.


One of the pros of affirmative action is it ensures that diversity is achieved in the school system, workplaces, communities and so forth on. It teaches us to be open-minded about other cultures, ideas and people that of not of our nationality. Diversity is about finding common ground among different groups of people. We all have something that we can learn from one another. We cannot keep trying to stereotype certain groups, races, religions fueling hatred in the process. We need to learn to be accepting of one another. I also like the fact that it offers the opportunity to disadvantage students otherwise. Minority and African-American children who are first-generation college students who come from low-income families would not have the same opportunities as white students. The playing field is now being leveled for all students. The private sector schools would dominate the competition, and no child would ever have a fair chance of going to college. It is also supposed to protect individuals from hatred but when I turn on the 5 o’clock news that is not the case. I look at the recent hate crimes we have had on television. A white gentleman that went into a Jewish synagogue and he cannot stand Jews. He killed those people all because they were Jewish. So that shows me, that the system still has some severe flaws in it. I may not like someone’s behavior, but that even doesn’t give an individual the right to take another person’s life. One of the cons is it still has flaws in diversity in the school system and workplaces. Another that is truly unacceptable, but it happens is it lower the accountability standards that are needed for students and employees.

The second half of the question is solely based on discrimination. Men make more money than women fields, even if that woman might have a higher degree than the man. There is discrimination of women in specific fields. A woman can’t be this or that. We do more than just cook a meal, wash clothes or pay the bills. We were built and designed for more than that. As an African-American woman, I know other women who were discriminated because of your skin color. I am either too light or too dark or that nonsense that I sound like someone from another race. All of that is pure foolishness, but it does go on in the real world.

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