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comparative literature-bhao

need to choose one prompts from the lists questions, the writing instruction is post in the attached file. There is one grading rubric attached in file.

No outside resources needed !!!!!, Total word count for this order: 1450.

We have plenty of critical/theoretical sources that we are reading in class; please do not use
outside source materials unless you discuss it with me in advance. Refer to the APA definitions
of gender and sexuality provided on Canvas, our secondary articles posted on Canvas, and/or our
lecture slides to define key terms, e.g., the absurd, Surrealism, gender, sexuality, homosociality.
Essay grades will reflect your understanding of the material, the level of critical analysis, logical
reasoning, supportive evidence using appropriate citations and relevant details, clarity of the
thesis statement, the logical construction of paragraphs, your use of transitions, and the
effectiveness of your conclusions. Essays should be relatively free of errors in grammar,
punctuation, and spelling. The best essays will consider the literary qualities of a text, and will
resist reducing literary texts to the ideas they contain.

What is a close reading of two texts?

A close reading of two texts is an interpretation of the observations you make as you read, view, or experience two texts in light of each other. It involves three main components:

A thesis that compares and contrasts the meaning and function of two texts. It must be something you can argue for and prove in your essay. The thesis should be both precise and controversial.

Evidence from the texts. What specific words or phrases or what specific scenes or images led you to have the ideas you express?

Quote/describe them. Analysis of that evidence. Explain how you arrived at your thesis.

The future detailed information is post in the attached file, please check!

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