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Chapter 7 Discussion and 2 short replies

In this chapter, you will learn about operations management and quality. After you have read Chapter 7, please use the topic below as a starting point for class discussions, but please feel free to generate and initiate your own topics, including any questions or comment you may have for the concepts and content of this chapter.

At a minimum for every chapter, you need to submit at least one primary discussion posting(s) in response to the instructor’s topic or a new topic initiated by another student. You also need to submit at least one secondary posting(s) commenting on other students’ postings. Please note that initiating a new topic is classified as a primary posting. In the subject line of your posting, please indicate whether it is primary, i.e. initiating a new topic, responding to the instructor’s topic or to a new topic initiated by another student, or secondary, i.e. commenting on other student’s postings.

1. Please view the following case study video about “Method” operations and management of quality.

method- there’s good inside – South Side Soapbox (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Do you think outsourcing production is a great business strategy for Method? Please tell us why or why not. How do think Method maintain quality and costs to give consumers the best value against competitive products? What new business operational strategies could you recommend Method?


Primary post- Response to Professor’s prompt

I think outsourcing production can be a good business strategy for Method as long as it is manufactured according to the specifications and environmentally conscious way that the founders have done in their Chicago plant. The founders are very passionate about the environment and sustainability and to outsource production of their Method products without the same requirements could possibly hurt their reputation and sales. I believe the Method founders made a good choice in selling Method to Ecover, a European company also sharing their environmental and sustainability values rather than to SC Johnson or Clorox.

Method maintains quality and maintain reasonable costs by economies of scale using Ecover’s manufacturing plans to give consumers the best value against competitive products.Method created a niche of non-toxic and natural based cleaning products when existing large companies like Clorox had none on the market except for toxic smelling products. From the design of the bottles to the manufacturing of the product and to the perfecting of the amount to be dispensed of the products, Method founders and engineers have given consumers the best value and an environmentally sustainable product.

I would recommend expanding Method in other countries, pushing marketing efforts to educate consumers why using non-toxic cleaning supplies is environmentally correct. I would increase social media marketing and drive content on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Emphasizing the use of natural based products helps the environment and the Earth meets the company’s goals as a B corporation as well as saving the Earth.

First, post responding to professor topic for chap 7

Yes, outsourcing production is a great business strategy for Method, because improves efficiency, and reduces cost on recruitment, training and infrastructural development. This allows them a better focus on how achieve business objectives by facilitating the company to obtain efficient services at a low cost gaining terrain over their competency. Small tasks can be easily passed on to outsourcing companies.

By Choosing, an effective pricing strategy this will maintain quality and costs for their Method business’s product or service. The difference between a profitable successful business and one that fails to thrive can be the Price. Different ways to set a product’s price some of the most common like cost-based pricing: (involves what is the cost to make the product, add a percentage mark-up and determine the final price). Also customer based pricing (here is important to include all the costs of produce the product like raw materials, transportation, advertising, rent wages etc. even though, prices can change over time for many reasons is good to learn more about customers and your competition or if new opportunities arise in the marketplace. Think about the business, industry and target customer

Perhaps some recommendations for the company that should develop ways to motivate and reward the vendors and their employees for their positive performance and support to make the work process easier to handle like those who are creative by thinking of new ways to sell more to existing customers or to attract new customer groups. Listen the customer and keep track of their comments, then review them often to find new ideas.

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