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web and social media design

DUE WEEK 10/8:

1. Visit each of these sites, pick two and explain for each the campaign goal and how the copy and visuals are helping to meet the goals.

DUE WEEK 10/22:
1. Visit review the webby awarding winning websites for:
1. Best Use of Photography
2. Best User Experience
3. Best Writing (Editorial)

For each explain why they are particular effective in meeting the objectives of the website and providing a viewer added value experience

DUE WEEK 10/29:
1. After reading this articles do you agree with the idea of “To address this, the society has also recommended the introduction of a pop-up warning to alert users that they have been online for too long.” and why or why not? Cite at least 2 additional articles that support your view.…

2.After reading this articles explain how social media is affects your brain:…

DUE WEEK 11/5:
1. Read:…
How the Internet’s most earnest evangelist became its fiercest critic.

1a. Answerer the following questions:
“It will help us feel connected, but will it help us feel loved?” he wrote. “It will help us uncover facts, but will it help us be wise?”

1b. Explainwhy you agree or disagree with this statement: “We have become slaves to devices that addict us,” Harris said. “But everyone is the custodian of his own mind. We all have the potential to be the steward of our own consciousness.” Include 3 cited sources besides the article that support your answer/view.

DUE Week 11/12:
1.Visit: Browser required) and write a review of you experience including which search words you chose and why and how the overall viewing experience affected you.

DUE Week 11/19:
1.Read How artificial intelligence is moving from the lab to your kid’s playroom
And explain why you agree or disagree that AI enables toys are good thing or not. Include 2 cited sources besides the article that support your answer/view.

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