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Standard Setting Industry Project Outline

This week’s assignment is the completion of the outline for the final paper on Standard Setting Industry project that will be submitted in week six. The information to be included is the merging of the four earlier assignments on SSAI Project. The outline should include a title page, abstract, the introduction of the body paragraphs, the conclusion, and references presented in APA format.

I have already completed all 4 papers. I just need to to be put together and flow easily. I need one outline paper and another one with the finalizing everything on two seperate documents.

Outline: Outline should include a title page, address situation, and abstract

-Title Page: Standard Setting Industry Project Outline

The introduction of the body paragraphs, the body paragraphs are phase 1,2,3 and 4 and each one of those introductions can be a bullet with two or three sentences max.

-The second page is going have an abstract of the entire paper, just a paragraph

-Outline of phase 1 with two or three sentences. Phase two, three, and four will be the same way, three and four, then you’re going to attach all the citations that I have gathered through phase one to Phase four

-Conclusion, this is going to sent to board for approval.

Outline is going to then be attached for phase 1,2,3 and 4 report and you’re going to try to build a little bridge between each phase, so it logically flows.

Presentation for Phase 5, there’s an introduction and when you put Phase 6 together. There’s one introduction for the whole paper.

–Phase 6

When we get the phase six, consolidate all papers to make it flow and you’ll hand that back to the hospital for approval.

REMOVE if audience have any questions at the end of each paper, add it to the final paper

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