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For the specific problem you identified in Homework 2, define 4 basic top level requirements for the new system. These requirements can be operational or performance type requirements.

Also consider if there might be any regulatory, statutory or certification type requirements for your new system. Develop 1 of these requirements or explain why you don’t think these would apply to your system.

Recall – In writing requirements you should consider how you will verify and validate those requirements.

problem identified in hw 2

Landscape engineering refers to the application of various mathematical, geographical, and scientific facts that would be used in the shaping of the earth’s structure. The earth typically has multiple structures depending on the places and the terraces involved. It is upon the landscape engineer to make sure that this land is well-shaped from various concepts. The project I would like to work on entails a low lying area, which means that such places Are likely to cause water collection(Kossiakoff, 2011). In such areas, after rainfall, water collects typically, and this has caused so many distractions. Even the slightest amount of rain generally makes the soil eroded so much. It means that such an area needs professional landscape engineering to make it stop.

Currently, the system needs French drain systems, which are composed of various PVC pipes metal and plastic pipes. These are used in the movement of water from one place to another without erosion taking place (Kossiakoff, 2011). The combination filters fabric systems that are used in the retention of soil particles in the area that was not well-drained. Lastly, this system lacks geotextile fabric systems which are used in the movement of water at a faster rate so that it is kept away from buildings and land where it may cause more and more distractions.

The importance of these new systems would be helpful as it will help in reducing distraction caused by water on various properties. Other than that, it will make the area right farming zone as it will have no erosion taking place due to good drainage (Kossiakoff, 2011). Lastly, it will prevent insects like mosquitoes from breeding as there won’t be any stagnant water.

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