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Select three readings and in the first paragraph of your journal entry discuss one insight you have gained from each of the three readings

Select three readings from within the folder called “Career-Related Readings,” and in the first paragraph of your journal entry discuss one insight you have gained from each of the three readings. Then in your second paragraph, explain how what you have learned from each article could influence the rhetorical impact of your resume or cover letter.

For example, how will what you have learned influence the tone of your resume or cover letter, or how will what you have learned affect your choice of words or the content you will include in your resume and cover letter? Another way of thinking of the rhetorical impact you will have on your reader is to think of what you will need to say in order to make a favorable impression. What will you need to emphasize and how do you need to word your texts so that your reader will see you as an ideal candidate for an internship or employment?……………

my resume:


  • Well-versed in cash registers
  • Comfortable handling money
  • Professionally dependable
  • Clear communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Positive attitude/language
  • Able to function in high-paced, high-pressure environments
  • Well-refined in customer service and conflict management


Harvest International Market (08/2017 – Present)

Supervisor / Cashier

  • Provide technical support and customer service
  • Addressed customer concerns throughout all departments
  • Advanced to entry-level management within two years of being employed
  • Regulate employees, provide regular performance reviews
  • Train new employees
  • Dealing with customer queries and complaints
  • Open/close store
  • Manage money in the office
  • Give change to cashiers
  • Count deposit
  • Give checks to employees
  • Work in every department in store
  • Change price items when needed
  • Make schedule
  • Pay invoices

Howard Johnson Hotel (05/2019 – 06/2019)

Front Desk

  • Provided excellent customer service in hotel and via telephone
  • Register & process guests and their assigned rooms
  • Checked guests in/out
  • Accommodate guest requests
  • Communicating with hotel staff on the status of guest rooms
  • Up Selling guest rooms and promoting hotel services
  • Maintain a clean and neat front desk area
  • Handling cash payments


  • Bachelor of Business Finance, San Diego State University

Expected Graduation: Fall 2022


Leadership Committee Group Yalla Academy (08/2014 – 05/2017)


  • Collaborated with other leadership committees
  • Provided homework support and academic tutoring to raise achievement
  • Organized events and contributed monetary donations to the community
  • Weekly tutoring sessions with refugee and immigrant youth
  • Mentor and leader for elementary and middle school students

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