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You basically just responding to the student of what you felt compelling and enlightening.

Student paper down below:

As Cyber Security is an essential in protecting in cyber attacks. One way to prevent Cyber Attacks is to identify the personality traits and characteristics of the typical cybercriminal. This source outlines the personality traits, motivating factors, and types of cybercriminals. “personal traits and characteristics are shaped by life experiences that may lead to machiavellianism, narcissism, psychopathy, sensation seeking maturity, aggressiveness, social-skill problems, superficiality, (lack of) self-esteem and personal integrity. The motivating factors for cybercriminals reach from hacktivism, monetary gain, espionage/ sabotage, and political/ religious belief, to curiosity/boredom, emotion/ sexual impulses, intolerance, thrill-seeking, enhancing self-worth, and the intent to control/manipulate others. Also, types of cybercriminals distinguished by their skill levels and motivations, such as novice, cyber-punks, internals (insider threat), coders, information warriors/cyber-terrorists, old guard hackers, and professional cybercriminals.” (, 2019) The characteristics, and motives listed above make up the typical cyber criminals.

Cyber crimes are mainly divided into two categories: 1. Crimes that target Network or devices (such as viruses, malware, Dos attacks), 2. Crimes using devices to participate in criminal activity (such as phishing emails, cyberstalking, identity theft). (Panda Security Mediacenter, 2019) The best way to ensure efficient cyber security from foreign criminals is to strengthen the cybersecurity methods. This includes annual risk assessment/management, and constant improvement on cyber walls. The first step would be to assess vulnerabilities in our federal systems technology. With the speed that technology is advancing, the capabilities as well as possible cyber vulnerabilities. Therefore, step one should be a constant and up to date. The second step in the policy would be to develop ways to prevent these vulnerabilities by utilizing advance technology specialist. This policy would also need to be enforced by all U.S. intelligence agencies, and undergo training and interagency agreements. There should also be U.S. experts on foriegn technological capabilities. This will help to specify vulnerabilities from foriegn criminals. Also, focusing on countries with known hostility towards the U.S.

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