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The final research paper (300 points) is based on a selected hypothetical legal case’s subject matter(s), not about “the case” itself. You may incorporate similar cases if you wish but the ones I have listed are to give each student a jumping off point (topic) of two opposing sides more or less to begin individual ideas and direction. Students will present both sides but select only one as “right”. This enables each side to be objectively presented in the arguments in the paper so as to appear objective and fair (Again, think court.). Read the instructions carefully, then go to Legal Cases and choose one of the listed cases to represent (just as if you were a hired lawyer representing a client) HINT: for a good grade cite the constitution, court cases, legal and common laws, public opinion & surveys, statistics, and “authoritative”. Minimum 2500 words plus ten “annotated” sources and ten in-text citations. See attached files and Argument Precedents under lessons and above.

IMPORTANT: Again, your Final Paper will be on the general subject area of your particular case (death penalty, personal responsibility, police power, euthanasia, etc.) based upon one side or the other of your selected subject, not the detailed case. You may take any stance of the general subject at the end of the paper (the opinion section) but that stance must be defended as the absolute right one. I will grant you a great deal of leeway on subject matter or focus as long as you adhere to all other final paper guidelines and it has something to do with the case you chose. Check “Course Documents” for more guidelines and procedures under final paper and legal cases. For a better grade be innovative and unique in your arguments.

One last thing: There are truths and lies on every side, depending on your life experiences. That is why all lawyers think (or pretend) that they can win. But only one can win; only one judge can reside; only one jury can pass a verdict. Approach your paper and opinion as such. See below:

To receive full credit you must post a valid and reliable source 2014 or newer in MLA format . Wikipedia, databanks, the textbook, religious sources, and personal web pages are not valid sources.

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