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Methodology: The impact of YouTube search engine optimization (SEO)

My most important requirement is someone who is not busy and therefore could read a lot about my topic and spend time focusing on my work. I am always open to any suggestions or changes and would willingly make appropriate changes. The person who is willing to help me should have the following skills:

  • An excellent English speaker and writer also an expert on analysis design and how the YouTube system works there.
  • Someone who has had access to and the ability to find academic journals appropriate to the topic
  • A person who is very good at writing strong and knowledge-based papers of appropriate length.
  • I am looking for someone with critical and analytical thinking who also has good explanation skills
  • Great writing skills and the ability to use various academic recourses
  • Used and familiar with APA citation format 7th edition. Must use APA citation format 7th.
  • Add Table of contents to the paper.


I use two plagiarism detection tools on the Internet, safe-assign, and Turnitin. So, if I see any content without citation and reference will ask for cancellation immediately and no chance to redo it. Of course, I will provide a report for that to show you where you plagiarized. Sorry for the long talk, but I want you to know that I am looking for free plagiarism work and high quality.

I have no limited number of pages, but you are responsible to answer and cover all these instructions.

I estimated that not less approximately 10-15 pages without references

Send me an updating draft when it’s 50% done of the paper to give feedback.

* Methodology :

– Scope of the study

– Sampling Strategy

– Research design

– Data Collection

– Instruments

– Procedures

– Methods of Data analysis

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