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CVP Modeling

The purpose of this assignmnet is to give you experience creating a multi product profitability analysis that can be used to determine the effects of changing business conditions on the client’s financial position.Your goal will be to use Excel in such a way that any changes to the assumptions will correctly ripple through the entire profitability analysis.If executed properly, the client should be able to use this spreadsheet over and over, using different “what if” assumptions.


You have been hired by Jake to build a CVP model that will help him understand the impact of business conditions on his operating income.(See “Starting File” worksheet.) In your model, all of the original assumptions will be listed one area of the spreadsheet (blue box).All other calculations in the model will reference the assumptions (blue box) such that if any assumption changes, the effect will ripple through the entire model.To accomplish this goal, you will use FORMULAs, rather than numbers, in everyother cell in the worksheet.In other words, the only place you will type numbers is the blue assumptions box.

FORMATTING conventions to use throughout project:

– Round all UNITS to the nearest whole unit.Use the “decrease decimals” button on your tool bar rather than the Rounding function.

– Show all MONETARY amounts as dollars and cents.Round to the nearest cent. ($x.xx).Use the “decrease decimals” button rather than the rounding function.

– Show all percentages as %, not as decimals.(x%, not .xx)

– Right justify all cells(numbers should be to the right side of the cell, not in the middle or left)

1) Complete the assumptions (blue box) based on the data about Jake’s business. Identify and list all variablecosts separately and all fixed costs separately before finding the total for each type of cost.

2) Complete the Product Analysis (yellow boxes) assuming Jake only sells either Product #1 (Launch-its) ORProduct #2(Treat -times).

Check figures:B/E Product #1 =250 units

3) Complete the pro forma Contribution Margin (CM) Income Statement for the month of June (green box).HINT:On product line income statements such as this, the fixed costs are only listed in the total column.Make sure you also show the totals for all other line items.Finally,calculate the overall weighted average contribution margin percent(WACM%)for the company.

Check figure:Operating income = $900

4) Calculate the weighted average contribution margin (WACM) per unit (in orange box).

5)Use the WACM/unit to calculate the TOTAL number of units needed to breakeven (TOTAL column in the first gray box).THEN, calculate the number of EACH type of product needed to break even. Finally,calculate the sales revenue associated with this volume for EACH product, and then the sales revenue to breakeven in total.

6)Use the WACM/unit to calculate the total number of units needed to achieve Jake’s target profit (TOTAL column in the second gray box).THEN, calculate the number of EACH type of product needed to achieve the target profit.Finally,calculate sales revenue associated with this volume for EACH product, and then the sales revenue in total.

Check figures:B/E Product#1 =792

7) Calculate the MOS using June sales as the expected sales (purple box).Calculate the MOS in terms of sales revenue and as a percentage.Also calculate the current operating leverage factor(round to the nearest 2 decimal places) and use it to determine the expected percentage change in operating income stemming from an expected change in sales volume.

8)Change name of worksheet to “Original Assumptions”.

9) Make sure you have cleaned up your worksheet using the formatting conventions listed above.

10) Go to the “Advising client” worksheet and follow the directions found there.

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