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I will provide an article title, based on the article read you answer the questions I will provide in an APA format

answer all the questions below about the article in the link, in a minimum 900 words paper

Research Article title :Predicting factors of Depression and Anxiety in Mental Health Nurses: A quantitative Cross Sectional study:…

Criteria for Quantitative Paper
Address the following questions in narrative form. Do not limit answer to yes or no. Papers should be typed and APA format used.

Title Page: Write the name of the article, the authors of the article and the publication in which the article appeared. Note: Use a running head. Number your pages, starting with the cover sheet as page one.

1.Did the introduction provide background information, the purpose of the study, and the significance of it to nursing? Give two examples the author provided supporting a need for this study. If the purpose was stated in the form of objective or goals, state what they are.

2. Write the problem statement/research question of the study. Was “what” is being studied clear to the reader? Was the problem statement stated as a question or written in the declarative form? (*Note: This is often just above the “method” section)

Did the problem statement/research question contain the population being studied and the major variables? What was the population to be addressed in this study? What are the major variables? (i.e. dependent, independent, extraneous variables)

3. Was there a theoretical framework or conceptual framework provided for conducting this study? If yes, state what the framework was. Is the framework appropriate?

4. Was/Were a hypothesis (es) stated? If yes, write the hypothesis (es) and comment if the hypothesis (es) was directional, non-directional or null. Was it stated in the present tense and in the declarative form? Did it/they contain the population and the variables being studied?

5. Did the review of literature flow in an organized manner? Were there any articles that were more than 5 years old?

6. Was the research design clearly identified and described. State the design and discuss the appropriateness of the design for this research. Did the researcher mention the means to control threats to internal validity and external vilify? If yes, what were these methods?

7. Was the setting employed appropriate for this study? Give the rationale for your answer?

8. What sampling method was employed to choose the participants of the study? Did the method of the sample selection enable the researchers to generalize the findings? What information was provided about the sample? (i.e. the criteria for selection)

9. Were the rights of participants of the study guaranteed? What is the rationale for your answer? (i.e. Was IRB approval obtained? Was a consent form used?)

10. How were data collected? Were data collection instruments employed? If yes, please name them. Were reliability and validity of the instruments reported? How was the validity established? Was the reliability at a satisfactory level?

11. Name the type of descriptive statistics calculated. Name the type of inferential statistics calculated.

12. Were the findings presented in an objective manner? Were the findings compared with those of other studies discussed in the literature review? In the conclusion, did the researchers relate the meaning and worth of the findings? What are the implications of nursing? Were recommendations for future research suggested?

13. APA format, grammar, sentence structure

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