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Funds of Knowledge Observation & Reflection

The purpose of this assignment is to:

  • provide practice in observing and gathering data
  • encourage noticing of and reflection on Funds of Knowledge

You will observe a lesson in your EFE, take notes, and write a reflection of no more than one page (12 point font, double spaced, 1” margins).

The first paragraph of the reflection should describe the context of the observation (e.g., grade level, lesson content) and how you gathered data (see list below for guidance).

The second paragraph should describe how you saw the teacher draw on students’ Funds of Knowledge (see list below). If the lesson did not draw on Funds of Knowledge, offer examples of what could have been added to do so.

Data Gathering

  • Observing the teacher
  • Observing students
  • Looking at the classroom environment (e.g., what’s on the walls)
  • Examining student work
  • Talking to the teacher
  • Talking to students
  • Talking to other adults
  • Other (please describe):

Funds of Knowledge

  • Language
  • Seen and lived experiences
  • Neighborhood and community
  • Family and community members
  • Food, music, art
  • Ideas from religion and/or culture
  • Travel or transborder experiences

Scoring Guide

Meets Standard


Approaches Standard


Below Standards/

Resubmit (< 20)

Data Gathering

At least 3 data sources

At least 2 data sources

Only 1 data source

Context & Data Collection Description

Context is complete and clear; data collection is described in detail

Context is complete; data collection is described

Context is incomplete; data collection not fully described

Funds of Knowledge Reflection

Writer provides complete and clear explanation using the specific aspects of the Funds; Link between the observation and Funds is explicit


Writer provides examples of how specific Funds could have been incorporated.


Writer cites at least one source.

Writer does not completely explain how the Funds were used and/or does not link to specific aspects; Link between the observation and Funds is implied.


Writer provides general example of how the Funds could have been incorporated.

Writer provides a vague explanation of how the Funds were used. Link between the observation and Funds is unclear.


Writer provides vague example of how the Funds could have been incorporated.


Academic Tone

The paper is college-level, using advanced vocabulary.

The paper has college-level components, but is too informal.

The paper is below college-level; there is no advanced vocabulary, and it is written informally.

Mechanics & Citation of Sources

The essay is free of grammar and punctuation mistakes; source is cited and referenced correctly in APA style.

There are some minor grammar and/or punctuation errors.

There are significant grammar and/or punctuation mistakes.

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