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  • Write a 2-3 page analysis of a legal case that addresses the
    legalities of employment screening exams used in the selection process.


    Employers often use employment tests to screen applicants and to
    assist in selecting the most qualified individual for the job. They can
    be very effective tools. There are many different types of tests,
    including cognitive tests, credit checks, criminal background checks,
    and medical examinations.
    However, it is important to understand the legalities of these
    employment tests. Their use can violate anti-discrimination laws if an
    employer uses them to discriminate based on race, color, sex, national
    origin, religion, disability, or age (40 or older). The use of these
    tests can also violate antidiscrimination laws if they
    disproportionately exclude people in a particular protected group,
    unless the employer can justify the test or procedure under the law.
    In Assessments 1 and 2, you reviewed the overall aspects of
    employment law and trends in the workplace. This assessment introduces
    you to some of the issues that relate to the selection process and to
    the monitoring of behavior to sustain good decisions and prevent
    wrongdoing—a key concept in this course on legal issues. You will begin
    by looking at the details of the law. You will discern which practices
    are effective and which only cause extra work when working within the
    intent of the law.

    Employment Policies

    Employment policies are the first topic. Many of the earliest
    contracts were based on a handshake and the trust between two people.
    However, not everyone was trustworthy. Therefore, it was natural that a
    system of checks and balances emerged to bolster the contractual
    arrangement as well as mediate conflict and punish wrongdoing. It is no
    different in today’s environment. Setting up appropriate criteria and
    using those criteria to make the best decisions is an ongoing challenge.


    Diversity in the workplace refers to the variety of differences
    between people within an organization. Diversity encompasses many
    factors, including race, age, ethnicity, religion, and education. The
    topic of diversity has had a significant influence on policy and law
    creation and development, and an organization’s success today largely
    depends on its ability to embrace and manage diversity effectively.
    In this assessment, you will examine the impact diversity has had in
    the workplace by discussing the laws that address discrimination. You
    are also encouraged to consider affirmative action and Executive Order
    11236 as you review this assessment’s Questions to Consider.
    To prepare for this assessment, use the Capella library and the
    Internet to research a legal case that addresses the legalities of
    employment screening exams used in the selection process.
    Then, complete a 2–3 page analysis in which you include the following:

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