write an 8 pages essay about one of the prompts below about Buddhism

You are required to choose one of the following prompts for your essay.

• How has art influenced the development and understanding of Buddhism throughout

• Buddhism has adapted to many cultural and societal changes as it spread around the
globe throughout history. How have modernity and globalization influenced the
message and expansion of Buddhism within recent history?

• How are women perceived within the different schools of Buddhism? Have those
perceptions changed over time? Why or why not?

• Buddhism has often found itself involved in violent actions, and have even been
known to develop skills in martial arts. How is violence perceived in Buddhism? Do
warrior monks or even Buddhist forms of terrorism fit within the spectrum of
Buddhist teachings? Why or why not?

• What role does karma play in Buddhism? Who does it affect, and how does it affect
them in this life, the afterlife, and the next life?

• According to the second noble truth, greed/craving give rise to suffering. What did
the Buddha mean by greed/craving and how do they cause suffering? How do these
apply to love and compassion for others?

• What is the Lotus Sutra and why is it so important to Japanese Buddhism?

Your essays will be graded on the following criteria:

a) evidence that the factual material called for in the question is presented and

b) coherence of the essay in organization and structure;

c) ability to engage critically and analytically with the topic

d) evidence of creative thinking;

e) correct annotation of sources and presentation of bibliography;

f) correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Please make sure to choose only one prompt from the provided above to discuss in the essay, make sure aswell to follow all the requirements that the essay will be graded on, use at least 6 outside sources to support your evidence. 8 pages minimum, will provide a good tip and review please make sure to answer the prompt you choose and do not go outside of topic !

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