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Western Governors University Hazards Involved in Playing Football Discussion

The NFL has been dealing with the after-effects of football players who have sustained repeated head injuries/concussions. Many retired NFL players have faced neurological issues, depression, and higher instances of Alzheimer’s disease. Many of these retired players have filed lawsuits against the league. The NFL paid nearly $1 billion to retired players who had suffered brain injuries and has provided an additional $10 million to fund brain injury research and safety/education programs. As more information about playing football and brain injuries has become available, some players are choosing to retire early and parents are faced with the dilemma of trying to balance the risk from playing football with their children’s desire to play.

1. To what extent should there be something of a caveat emptor/buyer beware when someone chooses to professionally play football in the NFL?

student’s post:  I encourage friendly debate and disagreement, so do not be afraid to speak your mind.  Always be mindful that your opinion is one of many and ask that you be respectful and courteous of others.)Football is a popular sport that has been around for centuries. We have all gathered around the television to enjoy a game from time to time and know what to expect when we turn it on. Someone kicks the ball, the ball must be caught, a touchdown has to be made, and defense and offense have to be played correctly. There will be tackling, running, and maybe an occasional fight if things get too heated. These are basic understandings of the game of football from the perspective of someone who doesn’t have the desire to play and isn’t too much of a fan.Now, if the stance were to change to someone who does enjoy the game and maybe even wishes to pursue a career in the sport, this person would have a much more vast knowledge of the ins and outs of the game, therefore knowing the risks and implications that come along with it. Why warn someone of the consequences of something that’s widely known? As Seattle Seahawks star cornerback Richard Sherman pointed out regarding this subject matter, “NFL players have chosen their profession, know the risks, and have decided to play anyway.” Although very unfortunate for those retired players to suffer from those various neurological diseases, the harsh reality of it all is that they knew what they were getting into beforehand and made their choice to play anyway. 

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