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Website Requirement using my requirement template

Analyze the Requirements Interview Notes and start to build your Requirements Document. You should be able to trace each of these requirements to a final project deliverable, and should also include any restrictions mentioned by the client. The requirements may change. The requirements document is like a checklist, and confirms the client understands what his final product/deliverable is.

As a guide for developing your document, please refer to our in-class activities and the example Requirements Templates, You should review the requirements template, create a copy for your project, and begin to flesh it out. You do need not have details for every line item.

Project Description

The Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL) allows the iSchool to showcase its proficiency in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research and provide information about the University of Maryland’s range of degrees in HCI. Our project will fulfill the client’s needs by applying HCI design principles to best serve their audience while utilizing cost-effective means. This website must display current content created by the iSchool as well as degree descriptions in an effective, easily navigable way. To achieve optimal returns from the HCIL website, the project will apply HCI and User-Centered Design principles as the main development framework. These principles will steer the project towards developing a website that guarantees maximum customization and high performance.

The website been analyzed:

These are the questions and answer from the client interview. Use this to complete the project.

General Questions

  • Why do you need to redesign your website?
    • The current site is incomplete and is in urgent need of updating
  • What is the overall purpose of the HCIL website?
    • Showcase the annual HCIL Symposium
    • Share HCIL staff’s Medium articles
    • Share updates in HCIL research
  • What do you like about the current website?
    • Calendar of events
    • Needs to be easy on the eyes
  • What is most troubling about the current website?
    • “Featured” section needs to go because it is too outdated
  • Who are your intended users and audience?
    • prospective students
    • HCIL Symposium attendees
      • Industry and govt
      • Potential employers
    • Potential sponsors
    • Receiving old poll regarding UX of the site
  • What is the most important information that you want your website to relay to users?
    • Symposium content
    • Medium articles

Accessibility and Usability

  • Is there anything that is not working with your current website that needs to be redesigned or removed?
  • What will they accomplish using your website?
    • Will video or audio be on the website?
  • Do you need multiple language support?
    • Refer


  • Are there images you would like to include?
  • What social media involvement does the iSchool have?
    • What types of social media would you like to include on the website?
    • Build a social media page, youtube and twitter
  • Is there a color scheme that represents the HCIL?
    • Greeeeeeen


  • Are there any other members of the iSchool who would like to or be willing to share their thoughts or concerns about the current website?
    • It’s already on a google doc
  • What is your time frame for total project completion?
    • Benchmark meetings every two weeks
    • Reality check halfway through


  • Do you foresee any security problems arising from information presented on the website?
    • Refer to old page
  • Who will maintain the website once complete?
    • What type of training would you benefit from the most?
    • Beth Domingo, needs training

Wrap up

  • Are there any visual, usability, or logistical requirements you have for the website?
  • Are there any things you absolutely do not want on the page?

Format for the project:

Note: Use this format to complete the project.

Abstract (include purpose of project)

Executive Summary

Project Details

  • Constraints
  • Facts and Assumptions
  • Current Situation
    • Current Situation
    • Context Diagram
    • System Events (include table)
  • Scope of the Project
    • Use Case Diagram
    • Use Case Table (if needed)
  • Functional Requirements (one for each)
    • Description
    • Specification(s)
  • Non-functional Requirements
    • Look and Feel Requirements
      • Appearance
      • Style
    • Usability and Humanity Requirements
      • Ease of Use
    • Operational and Environmental Requirements
      • Physical Environment
      • Interfacing with adjacent systems
  • Maintainability and Support Requirements
    • Supportability
    • Adaptability
  • Security Requirements (if needed)
    • Access
    • Integrity
    • Privacy
  • Open Issues
    • Resolvable during this project
    • Future issues to resolve
  • New Problems
    • User process changes
    • Interaction with current systems
    • Potential user problems
  • Migration to the New Product
  • Risks
  • User Documentation and Training
    • User Documentation
    • Training
  • Future Requirements
  • Glossary

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