University of Sydney Supply Chain Management Business Exam Practice

For the false answers can you just give a short answer explaining why it’s false


Operations management (OM) is the set of activities that create value in the form of goods and services by transforming inputs into outputs.  T

Successful process redesign focuses on departmental areas where small, continuous improvements can be made.  F (moderate improvements)

Mass customization involves keeping products in a standard format and then adding unique components for the individual customer at the last possible moment. F (mass customization only involves standard processes)

Lean Six Sigma has six “laws” to make the process successful. T

The law of velocity suggests that the speed of any process is directly related to the amount of work or things in process. T 

Uncertain demand requires cushion capacity. T


A quality circle is a way of getting feedback from what group?

a) Customers b) Employees c) Suppliers d) Competitors

On a SPC chart, if a data point falls outside the control limits, the process is said to be what?

a)  Random

b)  Special

c)  Capable

d)  Scattered

e)  Out of Control

Which of the following actions is not part of the Deming improvement cycle?

a)  Plan

b)  Study

c)  Do

d)  Check

e)  Act

When a company decides to sell a basic printing station and then allows the customer to add desired functions like a hole punch, stapler, collator, and a folding station, they are using

a) Modular Design b) Concurrent design c) Green Production d) CAD e) Rapid Prototyping

5. What is the opposite of “muda”?=non-value added/waste

a)  Value

b)  Cost

c)  Inflate

d)  Streamline

6. A technique that offers customers incentives to shape their demand patterns refers to

a)  Yield management

b)  MRP II

c)  Load Reporting

d)  Capacity requirement planning

7.  a job shop is an example of a(n) a. repetitive process

b. continuous process

c. line process

d. intermittent process

e. specialized process


Short answer

Reason and challenges to globalize

 Globalization is advantageous because it diversifies the economic mix and pushes the market participants to offer better products/services. It is also a response to the increasing and varying demands of the public. However, a challenge to globalization is that there will be tighter competition for the market players. As companies try to be above the game, there are chances that laborers are being exploited and job displacement is highly probable. 

Reason: needs 5

Diversify economic mix

Response to the increasing and varying demands of the public

Serves as an opportunity for third-world countries to enter foreign markets through exports

Creates job opportunities for more people since human resource is not restricted locally

Potentially lowers the prices of products since the public has more options to choose from



Explain Walmart sustainability in terms of social environment and economical impact! 

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