Time Management Project

TO: BUS 103 students

FROM: Instructor,

DATE: January 2020

SUBJECT: Instructions for Assignment 1: Time Management Project

This memo outlines the requirements for your first assignment in BUS 103 which is worth 10% of your final grade.

For this assignment, you must use data from your time logs and write a one to two-page analysis/reflection paper (single-spaced) on the management of your time/energy/attention/energy. The reflection paper and time logs should be submitted via the Blackboard link posted in MAJOR Assignments/Assignment 1 folder by Friday, February 7, 2020.

This reflection is not a series of short responses to separate questions; instead, your reflection paper should include an introduction, multi-paragraph body, and conclusion.

Be sure to (a) analyze your time log; (b) review and incorporate at least one the readings posted on Blackboard; and (c) develop a plan that addresses one of your time/attention/energy/and self-management challenges.

Consider the following prompts as you write a thoughtful and detailed analysis:

  • According to your time log, what are the 5 – 7 categories that reflected how you spent most of your time (e.g., sleep, work, time with friends, commute, etc.)? On average, how many hours did you spend on these categories/tasks over the last two weeks? Include this data in your introduction to lay the foundation for your reflection/analysis.
  • Time. What did you learn from analyzing your time log entries? Did you spend more/less time on certain areas than you expected? What adjustments (if any) are needed on how you allocate your time? What is your normal method for tracking your schedule/responsibilities (e.g., phone calendar)? What are the benefits/challenges of that method for deciding how to allocate your time?
  • Energy. Which activities gave you energy (+) and which drained your energy (-)? What’s your takeaway about managing your energy?
  • Attention. What did you observe about the type/frequency of distractions? What was the impact of those distractions? What did you learn about managing your attention?
  • Self-management. What was the impact of your thoughts/emotions on your ability to manage your time and motivation? What patterns (if any) did you notice?
  • Which of these areas — time/energy/attention/self-management – are the easiest for you to handle? Which strategies do you employ?
  • Which of these areas — time/attention/energy/and self-management – are the biggest challenges for you? Which strategies (from the readings or class discussion) might help? (Note: This is a great place to incorporate one of the readings posted on Blackboard.)
  • Identify one time/energy/attention/self-management challenge that you would like to tackle this semester. What actions will you take to do things differently to address this challenge?

Consult the grading rubric posted on Blackboard (MAJOR Assignments/Assignment 1) for specific evaluation criteria. Overall, time management projects will be evaluated on the following:

  • Thorough and legible completion of a time log for a two-week period. Scans preferred, clear photos OK (except no HEIC files.)
  • Self-reflective writing that responds to question prompts and uses SPECIFIC details/examples from the time log/readings/your experience
  • Application of at least one relevant reading posted on Blackboard (see Time/Energy/Attention/ Self Readings folder that appears both in MAJOR Assignments/Assignment 1 and WEEKLY CONTENT/Week 3). Be sure to include an APA-style in-text citation and a reference for that reading at the end of the paper.
  • Specific action plan to address one of your time/energy/attention/self-management challenges.
  • Writing that is clear, concise, and virtually free of spelling and grammar errors. Proof-read!
  • Writing that follows the BUS 103 writing rules (single-spaced, spaces between paragraphs, in memo format (i.e., format used for these instructions), and APA-style for in-text citations and references.)


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