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The mental skill training tool is goal setting ? is hard to explain in q

To develop and implement a 6-week mental skills training (MST) program to enhance the sport/exercise performance of at least one person.Goal is to help the individual(s) achieve a mental state referred to as the “zone” or peak sport/exercise performance.

Education Phase:

  • Initial Needs Assessment:The process begins with an initial interview/assessment with the individual(s).Assess psychological strengths and weakness.What are the sport/exercise competitive goals of the individual(s)?Conduct psychological testing if necessary (pre-test).Identify mental skill to develop.
  • Education About Mental Training Skill Selected:(a) provide the individual(s) with education about the mental training skill to be used in this program and (b) help individual(s) develop awareness of personal strengths and weakness related to the mental aspects of sport.

Acquisition Phase:Develop a 6-week action plan to meet goals of the psychological skills training program.Use one of the following techniques:

  • Self Talk – Negative Thought Stopping
  • Goal Setting
  • Mental Imagery
  • Attentional Control Training
  • Anxiety Reduction/Relaxation

Format of the plan must include:

Week 1 Goal = Use mental imagery to enhance performance on bench press


Specific plan:

Before lifting, use all senses to image benching 100 lbs. easily (10 min.)

After lifting again image benching 100 lbs. easily (10 min.)

Feedback:First imagery session was good, after lifting was not able to concentrate during imagery session







Implementation Phase:Extensive practice to overlearn skill, integrate mental skills into competitive situations, effectively deal with adversity and obstacles, and revise ongoing program when needed.

Exit Interview/Assessment:At the conclusion of the 6-week program, conduct exit interview/assessment.If psychological testing was conducted at the beginning of the program (pre-test), administer the test again (post-test).Get feedback from individual about whether the MST program was successful, what should be changed, etc.

Submission of the MST Program

Introduction: (25 pts.):Background information about the individual(s).Review mental strengths and weakness.If initial psychological testing was conducted, include pre-test score(s) in this section.Discuss the specific mental training skill selected and why.Must include at least five references from peer-reviewed journals about the specific mental training skill.“A study conducted by Smith and Jones (2014) examined the effect of mental imagery on performance of Olympic weight lifters.The imagery program involved …Results showed …”References must be in APA format:

Singer, R.N. & Williams, G.L. (2002). Preperformance state, routines, and automaticity: What does it take to realize expertise in self-paced events? Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 24, 359-375.

Method:(35 pts.):Review the 6-week MST program – give details about exact activities over the six weeks. Can include this information in journal format if desired.

Results/Conclusion:(15 pts.):Discuss the changes across the 6-week period.Include feedback from the individual(s).Also include information from the exit interview/assessment.If a post-test was conducted, include the score(s) in this section.Was the program successful, what changes should be made, value of this experience, etc.

PowerPoint Presentation: (25 pts.)Give 10-minute PowerPoint presentation about this project.

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