Strategic Management: Capstone

Part A: Competitive Strategy

1. Assess (i.e. good, bad, or neutral; and why) the overall financial performance of the firm:



b. EVA

c. FCF

2. Perform an external environment analysis:

a. Identify all threats and opportunities associated with all 7 segments of the general environment.

b. Conduct a Porter’s five forces analysis.

c. Discuss how the general environment might impact on one or more of the five forces.

3. Perform an internal environment analysis:

a. Disaggregate the firm’s ROCE and identify the firm’s competitive dis/advantages. Competitive

advantages are the better ratios.

b. Draw the firm’s value chain.

c. Propose a hypothesis of the relationship between or among the firm’s value chain activities and its

competitive advantages.

4. Discuss the firm’s strategic position:

a. Identify the firm’s target markets and their customer needs or value proposition.

b. What is the firm’s generic strategy?

c. Can the firm sustain its competitive advantages?

d. Draw a table that shows a total alignment of the firm’s goal, strategy, resources and capabilities, and its


5. Use the Competitive Rivalry model to

a. Illustrate the rivalry between two of the three main competitors in the industry

b. Predict Competitive Behavior of your firm and that of the competitor’s.

b. Part B: Corporate Strategy

6. Analyze the firm’s diversification strategy:

a. What is the firm’s diversification strategy? Why?

b. Explain how it creates value.

7. Analyze the firm’s diversification strategy:

a. Provide examples of the firm’s acquisition or merger experience.

b. Evaluate the firm’s acquisition or merger strategy.

c. Explain how the strategy helps the firm achieve its competitive advantage and shareholder value



8. Explain the firm’s international corporate-level strategy:

a. Describe the three international corporate-level strategies.

b. What is the firm’s international corporate level strategy? How does it create value?

c. Use Porter’s model to analyze the international competitiveness of the firm’s industry.

9. Define and discuss the firm’s strategic alliances:

a. Define the three major types of strategic alliances.

b. Provide examples of the firm’s alliance strategy.

c. Explain how it creates value.


Part C: Implementation & Recommendation

10. Discuss the the corporate governance (internal) mechanisms of the firm:

a. Ownership concentration

b. Board of directors

c. Compensation

11. Analyze the firm’s organizational structure and control:

a. Please draw the firm’s organizational structure.

b. What type of organizational structure is it?

c. Please discuss the firm’s organizational structure.

12. Please discuss the strategic leadership & responsibilities of the firm’s CEO.

13. Discuss one aspect of the firm’s strategic entrepreneurship.

14. Construct a Balanced scorecard for the firm.

15. Please make recommendation for the firm. Help the firm improve its

a. Competitive strategy,

b. Corporate strategy,

c. Corporate governance and strategic leadership

see file for more inf

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