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APN Business Planning

Based on your textbook reading, discuss the process of Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) business planning from a system approach. chapter 20 book attached 

Hamric, Hanson, Tracy, & O’Grady. (2013)

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Module 6

Many modern institutes are advocating for the Advance Practice Nurse to become independent and by this way, the healthcare system could become more innovative; also it could help meet the demands of having a safe, accessible, and affordable patient-centered care. There is also an increasing demand of Primary Care Providers, and the increasing shortage of Primary Care Physicians. (Parker & Hill, 2017)

The business cycle that an APN wishing to join independent practices should follow should consolidate research, inferring the reason for the arrangement and goals, improvement of a business profile, mission, and vision, execution of the venture, and assessment of the objectives. Other than understanding the cycle, the APN should have a reasonable comprehension of other private practice prerequisites like guideline, functional necessities, and monetary part of the business. The APN can use the nursing training to think of the field-tested strategy, guaranteeing that the intercession set up is reasonable and very much executed and assessed.

The initial step of the cycle is examination and fostering an arrangement and goals. Elements to consider while fostering the field-tested strategy incorporate; the reason, the objective gathering, kind of administrations to be given to the recognized gathering, area of training, functional long periods of training, and an unmistakably expressed hole on the lookout.

The second, step the APN will consider the field-tested strategy is the business profile. In this stage, the APN ought to infer a dream explanation, statement of purpose, plainly state administrations offered, and recognize the enlistments required for the business. The third phase of the cycle will necessitate that the APN propose how the administrations will be conveyed. This ought to be explained as far as staff, hardware, and office. Furthermore, the promoting plan and the administration plan will fall under this classification.

Assembling all the above thought in the arranging system requires the execution of the arrangement and the later the assessment. Private endeavor helps the APN, practice to the full degree of their abilities and permit..

In the US, guideline and full position practice vary from one state to another. Presently, there are 45 states where the APN can recommend drugs, out of all of those, 22 of them and the region of Columbia offer expert for full practice with just administration from the state nursing board. An APN trying for private practice should place into thought the US state they intend to rehearse in and the particular guideline set up. States with full practice authority consider their APN to completely assume liability and risk of assessment and the board of the patient.

A strategy is fundamental in setting out the significant procedures of the business. With a strategy set up, the APN builds up a concentration, reason, and a tentative arrangement. It likewise empowers the person in question secure the necessary subsidizing in setting up the private practice. (Pastores, Kvetan, Coopersmith, Farmer, Sessler, Christman & Price, 2019)

M6 Discussion – Initial Post

To fulfill the health promotion, patients have been relying on the primary care provider (PCP). One profession that has been increasing in demand for PCP is the advanced practice nurse (APN). An APN is a registered nurse who advanced in the career and is trained to prevent, assess, diagnose, interpret diagnostic tests and treat disease based on nursing principles (Taylor et al., 2021). The process of becoming an APN can be very stressful to the student. The registered nurse must pass standard courses such as advanced health assessment, advanced pharmacology, and clinical hours in order to obtain a graduated degree from an accredited school (master’s or doctorate). Upon completion of the program, the nurse must pass a national certification exam to achieve certification in a specific specialty: nurse practitioner (NP), certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), clinical nurse specialist (CNS), or certified nurse-midwife (CNM). After completing all those requirements, the new APRN faces a new challenge, finding a good job.

When looking for a job as a new graduate APN, it is important to understand marketing and contracting. Besides having good referrals and recommendations, the recent graduate APNs must know some marketing strategies to make themselves employable. In the following lines, I will discuss the process of APN business planning from a system approach.

The APN should choose between two marketing, APN providers or APN as a business career. Selecting one of those two marketing will allow focus and detailed description on the resume.

First, we need to understand the basic concepts of marketing and its structural basis, often called the 4P’s of Marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. Product is related to a set of benefits that approach the client’s needs. In this context, the product is an APN’s services, such as education, research, or clinical practice. Price is the value that justifies the exchange. The employer should provide details of the APN position offered, including benefits, salary, malpractice insurance. Place refers to where, how, when, and under what conditions the product will be placed on the market. APN services can be provided at a hospital, clinical settings, or schools. Promotion establishes forms of communication between the product and the market. In our context, promotion may involve patient education or engagement in a specific campaign (Bouzada & Barros, 2018) (Hanson & Philips, 2013)

Second, several strategies demonstrate how marketing influence can affect human behavior and buying patterns, including commitment, consistency, liking, and authority. The APN may need to have a clear idea of what to search in job hunting, such as type of practice, location, and population served.

Third, new APNs must pay attention to their portfolio, including resume, letter of recommendation, and a cover letter. The portfolio will serve as a strategy to receive an interview and a job offer.

Finally, another plan is to use technology in our favor. Examples of those technologies that can be used to land a good job offer are creating a profile on a website, such as LinkedIn, providing online presentations, and advertising online. On the other hand, if you prefer to stay offline, some strategies include networking and printed portfolios given to the desired agency.After receiving a job offer, you have to take some critical considerations before you accept the offer. First, make sure to have an employment contract, including details of the position. Second, salary negotiation may be challenging, but it is essential to estimate revenue generation. Finally, have a collaborative practice agreement (Hanson & Philips 2013).

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