Process Improvement Discussion response

Respond to these two discussion posts with 100 words each and a citation each. Nothing fancy — just enough to show you’ve read their post thoroughly. Thank you!

1) There are many strange activities of those who create original ideas. One would be quick to think that original ideas come straight from those who are quick to come up with fresh ideas, finish before a strict deadline, and do so without any doubts. The truth is, a lot of people who create original ideas often do so in ways that those who do not wouldn’t understand.

For example, those fresh ideas are often stewed over. They are thought of and sit in the back of the original creators mind until they feel as though they need to emerge to the surface. They don’t pop them out at first thought. Often times too, those ideas are not completely finished by their set upon due date. That time that those ideas sit back in the mind of the creator can keep the idea from coming to fruition exactly on time. It is also okay to doubt your idea but trust it and see what happens with it. Worse case scenario, you are open to new suggestions and try the next idea that could be what one needs to create the best to move forward. Don’t focus on what others in the same competition are doing, focus on how it is working for you. Reading info on your fellow competitors can put you in a position that overwhelms you and things aren’t done to your greatest ability (Tice).

Two things that I found most interesting with this video was number one the fact that most are mid procrastinators and that they are okay with possibly failing. First of all, I am definitely a procrastinator. I always have been. I try to make sure my procrastination is not over the top but I have been in that position where the procrastination is too late and serves me no good purpose what so ever. I definitely could completely understand what he was saying about it and it gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling believe it or not! I will say though, I am not one that is well with the idea of failing. That is definitely something I need to work on in order to promote the proper well being in businesses. All in all, this video was great and interesting to watch.


2) The first unexpected habit of originals is that they are always late to the party. They tend to not care about being first into a field and more about making certain that the field can sustain proper growth avenues. A good example of this is the founding of the Microsoft console division. Microsoft didn’t enter the video game console when consoles first became a household unit (Karmali). Instead, they entered years later but with a sleek and refined console that dominated the market. The extra time meant that they were able to choose a time in the market where their product was incredibly far ahead of the competition.

The second unexpected habit is that they have a lot of doubts. Leaders in some of the biggest companies on earth have had many doubts about whether or not their company or idea could be successful. Howard Schultz didn’t believe that Starbucks could become anywhere near what it is today but he persisted and it obviously paid off.

The last unexpected habit is fear of failing to try. This is especially prominent in the medical field as displayed by many cancer and medical researchers. Working towards cures for diseases that seem incurable is how we are at where we are today in the medical field. An example of this is Jim Allison who has done revolutionary work in medicine in fields that had almost no prior research (Merville).

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