Principles of Marketing 301

What I Learned

Please write me a paper about what you learned in class. But I DON’T want you to write about ANY of the topics, concepts or ideas that are about course content. I am interested in a paper that tells me what you learned but which I can’t see by reading your graded work. After all, we are all black boxes to each other! LOL

Here’s the deal: I believe that learning in very complex. And I believe that it is individual. It involves things that are easily seen and demonstrated, as well as things that are not so easily seen. I’m interested in the learning that I cannot see. I am most interested in your insights into yourself.

So let me suggest what the learning I can’t see may center around:

  • Something about yourself that you learned during our course
  • Something about the kinds of learning situations that you find difficult or that you find easy
  • Something about a challenge that you faced this semester that you learned how to deal with
  • Something about my style of teaching and the way education can be/should be conducted
  • Something about the values I, as teacher, are trying to communicate and represent
  • (((Something about the overall value of your education at Dominican))))))
  • Something about how you interrelate learning from other classes to form new ideas and new possibilities
  • Something about how you relate what we’ve done in this class to your life outside of class (be that job wise or personal wise)

Any of these – or things that I haven’t even listed – would be fine. DO NOT try to write something related to every bullet point above. Pick the situation(s) that are most meaningful and reveal something about your learning that I cannot see.

This activity may require some thinking. And, of course, being honest in critically important as well.

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