Please write a 150 word peer response for Answer 1 and another 150 word peer response for Answer 2.

Answer 1

According to Ramirez-Hurtado et al. (2018) one of main contributing factors for organizations to expand internationally involves the saturation of their domestic market. For example, many franchises in Spain have begun to expand to other Latin American markets because of the saturation within Spain. In order to combat this consolidation in Spain, many franchisors look at multiple socioeconomic factors of other countries in their consideration of expansion. These factors include market size, per capita income, risk, and competitiveness. These firms do not however consider unemployment level.

Interestingly, I have worked for a company that has recently downsized its international operations. This became due to the fact that although market share remained healthy, the lack of profitability in these markets, mainly Europe, had begun to negatively affect the bottom line. Although overall this downsizing resulted in a smaller international presence, some resources become reallocated other emerging and more profitable markets like China. This reallocation has thus far worked well for the company as we continue to turn industry leading profits while continuing to control a significant amount of market share. Although this downsizing has decreased the opportunity for international assignments, I am grateful for the increase in profitability across the board. Therefore, all companies looking to expand and reallocate should take into consideration the affect the move will have on market share and profitability in the long run.

Ramírez-Hurtado, J. M., Berbel-Pineda, J. M., & Palacios-Florencio, B. (2018). Study of the influence of socio-economic factors in the international expansion of Spanish franchisors to Latin American countries. Plos One, 13(1), e0190391.


Answer 2

Organizations are developing at an uncommon rate universally. Organizations have understood the need to globalize their activities to appreciate benefits that come helpful with this methodology. Organizations appreciate advantages, for example, tremendous benefits and expansion of dangers. Research should that little and medium-sized undertakings are growing and making outlets in different nations (Reuvid, 2020). This marvel is empowered by different components that win in the business world.

Culture assumes a crucial job while extending business globally (Neelankavil, 2015). Accordingly, it is basic to think about social contrasts when opening different outlets in different nations. The organization ought to think about the requirements in the new market, the network, and its qualities. It would undermine to think little of the impacts of social contrasts in another market. Organizations ought to consider and put time and vitality in seeking after abroad dares to accomplish their goals.

Furthermore, legitimate and administrative boundaries rouse organizations to grow universally (Nejati, 2013). In any case, they can be a boundary when putting resources into a remote nation. This is because of the affectability of the item presented in the market. Additionally, they can influence business adaptability in the market. Less lawful necessities and administrative obstructions help organizations in entering the new market and growing all inclusive. All things considered, it is essential to look for legitimate counsel before intending to wander into business abroad. This procedure may be viewed as costly, yet it is expensive to flourish in a nation without knowing its legitimate prerequisites.

The adaptability and steadiness of the neighborhood government are basic for the achievement of extending a business globally (Reuvid, 2020). Great money trade rates and government strategies, for example, movement laws persuade wandering abroad. Additionally, advantageous coordinations and correspondence guarantee there is a consistent progression of assets required in the business. Progression in innovation has made it simple for organizations to execute all inclusive. Firms can buy products and make installments on the web. Organizations can do statistical surveying through the web and settle on choices on where and when to contribute.

Variables rousing enemy International extension

Each business tends to grow universally and this is one motivation behind why business associations need to guarantee the extension of the organization globally. For a similar explanation, a business must be sure that it is thinking about the correct methodology (Kwon, 2019). Dissecting the fundamental data is basic. Coming up next are the absolute most significant elements that invigorate business extension.

Low Production Cost

Low generation costs are one of the elements that inspire organizations to extend universally. There are numerous nations on the planet, particularly in the third world, where generation and work costs are low. A portion of these nations have superb workforce however there are no employments in these nations. These are a portion of the nations where organizations center around the creation procedure, for example, work costs and the expense of diminishing generation costs. Openings for work. Then again, these nations are prepared to sell employments in the nation office. This is one of the primary objectives of the extension, and when an organization attempts to diminish the expense of items and administrations at a serious value, organizations will be inspired to grow globally.

Financial scale

One of the principle objectives of the organization is to guarantee worldwide nearness, and this is just gratitude to the extension of the procedure. For a similar explanation, organizations try to grow their business universally (Westcott, 2010). Venturing into the worldwide market can incredibly support the organization. In the development procedure, organizations may have more item, which encourages the organization to sell lower negligible expenses. For a similar explanation, this is viewed as a significant factor for organizations to arrive at global gauges. The universal market likewise gives an enormous portion of the business, and this is one motivation behind why the business is developing at a high rate with the extension of the procedure.

Financial degree

As the business extends, numerous budgetary areas of the business are opening up. For a similar explanation, a business appreciates development in the market and furthermore gives different administrations to the customer. With the extension of the procedure and the worldwide nearness in the market, the business augments the advantages of the administrations it gives.

Nejati, M. (2013). Frontiers of Business, Management and Economics: An Interdisciplinary Collection of Managerial Research Findings and Breakthroughs. Universal-Publishers.

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